Best Shooting Guards of the NCAAB Right Now

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We look at the best shooting guards in all of college basketball. See if you agree with our experts list.

Shooting guards need to be quick, great dribblers, and good at passing. In the NCAAB right now, there are a number of really good prospects to keep your eye on. Many of these might be on their way to superstardom in the future.

Who are the best shooting guards of the NCAAB for 2022? You may be looking to arm yourself with as much information on teams and players as you can possibly get your hands on. Going into March Madness, it is a good idea to know which prospects are out there as well as which teams are looking good. You may be looking for the latest odds for March Madness as one of the most exciting tournaments rolls around.

Let’s dive into some of the prospects that scouts and big NBA teams will be looking at in the NCAAB, including in March Madness when it rolls around.

Taz Sherman

Taz Sherman is a great scoring threat and an amazingly quick shot release with impressive perimeter shooting. He’s amazing in transition, so he can take the ball to the rim if needed and finish moves.

Off the basketball, he’s good at countering and taking on the defenders at the bounce. As a defender, he has good skills on the basketball but also makes use of his height.

We like the look of Taz Sherman of the West Virginia Mountaineers and think he is going to do a lot in College Basketball and has a potentially huge future in the pros.

Ochai Agbaji

Agbaji has a lot of people talking, as he is an amazing offensive option. He has shown great ability to make catches and three-pointers and he does a good job of getting into the right areas to score. Agbaji can score from three levels, as he has such impressive size and shooting, so he’s a fantastic option on the attack.

Defensively he’s pretty good on the perimeter and manages to show his size and defensive abilities easily. He puts an incredible amount of effort into on-ball pressure and has shown himself to be a real team player.

Johnny Juzang

Juzang is an exciting prospect playing for UCLA. At 20 years of age, he is 6’7. You might recognize the name, as his brother was a point guard for Harvard in the US system, but now plays professionally in Vietnam.

UCLA are potential contenders in March Madness, and are one of the only teams that were able to beat the Wildcats in their recent impressive run, so you might see a lot of Juzang.

Juzang has had some incredible runs in the tournament and has shown himself to be one of the best young shot-makers out there. He constantly gets in amazing positions to shoot and scares defenders in a 1v1 environment too. He’s great off the catch as shooter in transition.

His size makes him a threat to some of the smaller guards and his footwork is also very impressive. He’s versatile and can provide a lot of great activity, which could make the NBA drafters much more interested in what he has to offer.

Jaden Shackelford

Alabama’s young prospect as shooting guard or point guard is Jaden Shackelford.

He’s part of an impressive team setup at Alabama and his shot-making from the perimeter is an impressive 34.2% from three. He’s amazing off the catch and he’s consistent in the dribble, limiting turnovers and providing his team with a lot more control.

He’s capable of turning it over and getting to the basket and finishing. He has some impressive ball skills and his play off the basketball is such a big part in this. He moves well and is often in the right positions.

Shackelford’s offense is not under any sort of real doubt, he’s bound to become one of the best scorers in college basketball while he plays, but defensively he could do with taking some steps and improving his activity to be more of a team player and help to secure the defense.


One of the cool things about the NCAAB is the fact that there are plenty of surprises, while these shooting guards are some incredible prospects, we never know who is going to emerge, perhaps in the upcoming March Madness schedule, and prove themselves to be one of the top prospects in college basketball.

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