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“You’re Welcome, Cleveland — How I Helped LeBron James Win a Championship and Save a City” by Scott Raab

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Tom looks at another sports book. The author Scott Raab talks about the first time LeBron James was in Cleveland and how he dissed his leaving and then his return.

This is a book written by a sports writer who is taking too much credit for LeBron James returning to Cleveland. He writes about how he grew up in the city and loved the sports in Cleveland his entire life.

He was going to write a book about how James was going to lead them to the NBA championship and just as suddenly he left for Miami. He flashes to the moment he heard James was leaving and how he was devastated and angry. Very Angry. He changed his focus on the book and it went into a completely different turn.

In the year 2012, he wrote: “The Whore of Akron: One Man’s Search for the Soul of LeBron James” that was very bitter and vicious. He focused on the act of James betraying the city and abandoned his state and region.

In Miami, LeBron James was winning championships and that left Raab and the entire Cleveland fan base with a sick feeling in their stomach. But…. James contract was up and he was looking for a city to play in and lo and behold LeBron chose Cleveland to return to.

Upon his return, Raab felt overjoyed and began writing this book.

Some things had changed but now champions were part of the Cleveland mantra. He takes us on a journey through many games but Raab was longer welcome as a member of the media. The organization (or at least James) didn’t forget the previous trashing of their star player. He was denied media credentials on every request.

This is not a great read and probably would be of interest to the fans in Cleveland or the hardcore LeBron James fans.

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