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“You Can’t Make This Up” By Al Michaels

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Tom looks at the life of Al Michaels and all of the places he has been, the people he has worked with and the amount of preparation it tales to broadcast one event.

You just can’t help it. After all the years that you have heard Al Michaels broadcast sporting events, it just sneaks up on you. That is reading this book silently but in the voice inflection of Al Michaels himself.

The sheer number of sports personalities that he has met is staggering and he is very willing to share his thoughts on each and everyone. But not until he gives you some background into his early life. While other kids were playing the games, he was more interested in the broadcast booth, the microphones and the way the game was being delivered.

Michaels shares the influences of his life which included his father along with John Wooden and Curt Gowdy. Then he shares what it is like working with Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford, Bob Costas Jim McKay, John Madden, Jim Palmer and a host of others. He also tells us how a few tried to screw him over such as Chick Hearn and Jack Kent Cooke.

In every stop along the way, he shares some of the sights and sounds from his time in Hawaii to Cincinnati to Orange County California and all points in between. He has been in all directions and in so many countries and it all comes out in a great format.

One of the more interesting stories deals with his friendship to OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown. He and OJ worked together from time to time and they became neighbors in the same area of Los Angeles near the Kardashians. In fact, he and his wife would dine with them, play tennis and golf with them. They were friends. Then the murder of Nicole Smith took place and Al didn’t know how to react. He was on the air plenty to relay thoughts on OJ Simpson. He talked to him personally and got a bad vibe several times. He mulls it over.

If you want to be a sportscaster this book will serve you well. It gives the countless number of meetings and hours that it takes to prepare for one event. The book is a good read and is worthwhile in your library.

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