Who’s the Best Scorer in NBA History?

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There are many discussions and debates on who is the best scorer in NBA history. This seems to be one of the most controversial sports debates and I’m interested in figuring out the answer. This debate comes down to what basketball fans value on the offensive end.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the greatest scorer in NBA history is who has the most points. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a record 38,387 career points, so he could be the answer. With his patented sky hook, he was completely un-guardable and dominated the league for close to two decades with the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. This feat has yet to be broken, as many current NBA players strive to break Kareem’s scoring record.

LeBron James, who has been the face of the NBA for 19 seasons, is still striving to break Kareem’s scoring record.  Nevertheless, he’s a contender in the debate on whether he is the best scorer in NBA history.

LeBron has never been labeled a scorer, but rather a multi-talented small forward who can play every position and make his teammates better. This season, LeBron passed Karl Malone for second place on the all-time scoring list, and in his upcoming 20th season, we expect LeBron to possibly pass Kareem.

Kevin Durant

When discussing scorers in the NBA, Kevin Durant must be in the conversation. He is one of the most versatile players to play the game.

Kevin can score on all three levels. He can attack the basket, has a suitable mid-range game, and can knock down deep threes. There’s a reason KD was Finals MVP twice in a row and is considered one of the best players currently in the game.

Other players like Carmelo Anthony and Tracy McGrady, who were savants on the offensive end, are two players that must be mentioned when discussing the greatest scorers in NBA history. Anthony in particular could dominate near the basket, as he is one of the best mid-post scorers in NBA history.

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Professional Scorers

Some players like Allen Iverson and Stephen Curry are truly un-guardable. Both were point guards who constantly have the ball in their hands and could hit shots from anywhere.

Curry just recently won his fourth NBA championship and has proven to be one of the top point guards in NBA history. There is no doubt that his offense speaks for itself, breaking many records due to his dominance from the three-point arc. Steph runs off screens and shoots the ball from 40 feet, which has proven to be an effective strategy for the Golden State Warriors.

Meanwhile, Iverson was one of the most explosive guards in the NBA in his time and one of the best ball-handlers as well. A.I. was one of a kind, and with his explosive dribbling and hops, he was a complete mismatch for the opposition.

With all the above options worth considering, Abdul-Jabbar is still the best scorer in NBA history until someone passes him.

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