Who is the Goat of the NFL

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Since the NFL was created there have been a plethora of phenomenal players with incredible careers. All of these players are brought into consideration when debating on who is the best player to ever touch the field. None of those players come close to Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is the best player to ever play in the NFL. With a mountain of accolades and dominance over the league for more than two decades, Tom Brady has all the credentials to be the greatest of all time.


Brady was drafted in 2000 to the New England Patriots, where he would stay for ninety percent of his career until 2020, where he would be traded to the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

After being drafted to the NFL, Brady wouldn’t play much of his first year in the NFL.

He would prove himself on the team in his second year, which started his reign over the league. As the quarterback, Brady runs the offense; this is one of the parts of the game that Brady truly excels above all. Although his ability to throw and his connection with his receivers is top-notch, his ability to run the offense is his best quality.

It can be seen while watching that Brady knows all of the plays in the playbook and what each player should be doing. Along with that, his ability to read other teams’ offensive and defensive is exceptional. This allows the offensive to run without any tiny mistakes.

This is more important than many people think; getting pointless flags throughout a game because a team isn’t organized can be detrimental. Brady uses his ability to read teams often to give his team the advantage.


One of the most important subjects to address when bringing up the goat is the accolades that the players have built up over the course of their career. Without a doubt, Tom Brady has no shortage of accolades after his twenty-three-year career.

Super Bowls

To start, Brady has seven super bowl rings, with one coming late in his career, only one year ago to date with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was one of his most impressive wins as many fans and analysts had doubts about how Brady would play without Bill Belichick.

He would soon silence all of these doubts when he defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. This was no easy team as the Chiefs would win the NFL Super Bowl only a year before and were being led by one of the best quarterbacks in the league Patrick Mahomes.


Throughout his career, Brady has earned five MVPs from the seven Super Bowls he has played in. However, he did not earn an MVP for two of the games he still dominated as ever, leading the team to a win.

The regular season is no different from the postseason for a player of Brady’s caliber. Racking up five regular season MVPs. Although his dominance isn’t fully shown through awards and words, his dominance is truly known throughout the league and is considered to be the greatest of all time by many players in the league.

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