4 Ways AI Has Changed Sports Forever

Think about a scene in which there’s a sports event happening – whether that’s athletics or even horse racing. There’s an exciting climax at the end of the race, in which there are two possible winners – and it’s impossible to tell who crossed the line first. 

However, in the split second before either racer crosses the line, an AI system can recognize who won…and it’s 100% accurate. 

This kind of scene might sound completely implausible, but it’s starting to become commonplace in sports. AI is revolutionizing how we watch and play and bet on our favorite games. 

Here are 4 ways in which AI has changed sports forever. 

AI and the changing face of sports

Let’s see how AI is changing how we view sports. 

There are quite a few ways, whether that’s from AI-based sports reporting to the fans who regularly use and support  – right through to how games are commented on for live broadcast – but here we’ll focus on three specific methods. 

  1. Insights and data analysis: data has been a key point of revolution in numerous sports across the world – from the NBA to soccer to cricket. Clubs, organizations, and leagues understand the importance of big data and using it to improve performances and the product. Now, though, consumers have access to high-level analysis and predictions with AI sport betting prediction sites. Providing insights into the potential outcomes of matchups from a variety of sports from around the world, punters can utilise these platforms to inform their bets.
  2. Auto-generated highlights of games and matches: The first of these is auto-generated match highlights. Looking at and applying AI algorithms to the game is how you get analysis on game video feeds rapidly and seek to discover the most thrilling moments to capture for audiences to view. Thanks to the design of these algorithms they can detect patterns and events in the video data. 
  1. Audio cues analysis: AI also works on audio cues as well as visual cues to analyze sports. They can be used to capture thrilling scenes and sounds such as the roar of the crowd during a goal or even the ball hitting the goal post. These can then be used to enhance highlights package and showcases for television and online broadcasts. How is this done? By using audio analysis techniques like sound event detection. This can pick out specific sounds in live audio streams – as well as using sentiment analysis in speech recognition. These latter two forms of AI are used solely to discover and detect reactions and emotional cues from everyone from coaches, fans, and players. 
  1. Different forms of detection: Detection is used in quite a few different ways in sports matches and games and we’ll look at these now as AI contributes significantly to them. 

The first of these is replay detection – this is where the most vital moments in the game, like goals or near misses are picked out. The algorithm analyses the footage to get the most optimal angle for a replay. There are computer vision techniques that AI algorithms use, such as object detection or tracking to identify specific things in each of the selected scenes –  like the ball or players. They then track their movements across the field. 

The second way detection is used is on scoreboards. When a scoreboard is analyzed in real time, AI can be used to find crucial moments in a game or race in which a team takes the lead or ties the game. Scoreboard detection uses something called OCR (optical character recognition) which can read numbers on scoreboards and use computer techniques to track changes over time.

There is also something called playfield scenario detection. This is when AI is used to identify exciting scenes in games, races, or matches – think about counterattacks or fast breaks. It can then include them in an end-of-game highlights showcase.

The next is player celebration detection in which AI algorithms look through footage to find moments of excitement or player’s reactions to specific moments in games. It involves looking at patterns of movement and body language – and analysing sound and social cues.  

Whether you’re an all-out NBA fan or someone who enjoys playing games at crypto casinos, AI is altering the way we watch, play, and view sports – and online games and hobbies forever. The technology can only get better too! 

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