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“Urban’s Way: Urban Meyer, The Florida Gators, and His Plan to Win”

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The book is about Urban Meyer and is considered his authorized biography.

I felt it was a good time to get this book read about Urban Meyer. At the time of this writing, he is on administrative leave from his job as Head Coach at Ohio State pending an investigation into his knowledge of one of his assistants assaulting his wife.

I felt it was time to find out what Urban’s Way really is. It is a rare thing when an author or sports writer gets total access to a college football program and his personal life at the same time. Author Buddy Martin gives us a spotlight into Meyer, the Florida Gators and how things work in a program that is one of the best in the nation. This book has been designated as “The Official Biography” of Urban Meyer.

Martin gets to glimpse how things work in Meyer’s world with his Six Keys of the Game and give us a closeup view of his faith and his ability to work with other coaches. One of the fun reads of the book is how Meyer and head basketball coach Billy Donovan bounce things off each other to help their programs. It didn’t hurt that Billy found a house in the same, small gated community that he lives in and it is about 3 houses away.

Martin was on the headset in the coaching booth and got to hear, feel and taste the football program of the Gators under Meyer. He was privy to locker room talks, interviews with assistant coaches and support personnel and gave Tebow some history the week before he was awarded the Heisman.

The author goes way back into Meyer’s early days in Ohio and how his father was his influence albeit a strict one. He looks into his relationships with Lou Holtz, Earle Bruce and a host of others that inspired Urban and helped him reach the National Championship of 2006. It goes back to days at Illinois State as an assistant and head coach at Bowling Green. There are discussions about how close he came to choosing the job at Notre Dame and details into how he expects a close knot family with his assistants and their families.

This is an interesting read. The book is a first-hand view of Urban Meyer and his efforts to be the best college football coach in America.

It should be on your bookshelf.



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