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“Try Not to Suck: The Exceptional, Extraordinary Baseball Life of Joe Maddon” by Bill Chastain and Jesse Rogers

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Tom looks at the baseball life of Joe Maddon and some of the things he learned and decisions he has made.

This is an interesting book and I am not a Cubs fan. You will like this book if you are a baseball fan. Joe Maddon comes from the old school days of baseball (from Hazelton, Pa) through Lafayette College and the California Angels and Tampa Bay Rays. In each step, he developed his talent for coaching. If says if you listen and ask questions, then watch for results, you can have a successful career in baseball coaching.

What surprises many is his analytical approach to the game. This makes him wildly popular with the players and analysts in baseball. He finds unique approaches to foster teamwork among his players, This could be having clowns in the dugout to live bear cubs hanging around the diamond.

This book is filled with little-known facts and great insight into the game. It was through these efforts that he helped the Chicago Cubs break the 108-year curse and become World Series Champions. Even though his pitching decision in Game six and seven, he relied on his experience through his many years in the game.

I am a Cardinals fan and didn’t want to enjoy this book but many love for baseball took over ad I find it a delightful book to pick up off the shelf.


I would like to thank Triumph Books for the copy for my review.

About the Authors:

Bill Chastain is currently working for MLB covering the Tampa Bay Rays. He has authored several books:

100 Things Jets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die

Hack’s 191: Hack Wilson and His Incredible 1930 Season

Payne at Pinehurst: The Greatest U.S. Open Ever

Purpose and Passion: Bobby Pruette and the Marshall Years

Steel Dynasty: The Team that Changed the NFL

The Steve Spurrier Story: From Heisman to Head Ball Coach

Jesse Rogers has been on the Chicago sports scene since the mid 90’s. He covered the Blackhawks for ESPN when they when they broke their championship drought. He was on the scene when the Chicago Cubs ended their curse in 2016. He is a former host on a popular radio station at 670 The Score.

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