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“Toughness: Developing True Strength On and Off the Court” By Jay Bilas

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Tom looks at another sports book. This book talks about the ever popular, but controversial Jay Bilas and his look at life and College Hoops.

I got to admit something before I give this review. I didn’t read it. Instead I tried an audio version of it and listened to it (click here for your free trial of audible). That is a bit tougher to stay focused. But I did take notes and still found that I enjoyed the book.

I am just going to say it upfront. If you are a basketball player or a coach you should read this book. Jay Bilas uses his background at home and shares how his dad make things tough for him in order to instill some order in his life. He talks about how hard it was to play four years at Duke under Coach K. It took toughness. Now he tells us what it is and how to achieve it and handle it.

Bilas relays stories about school and life that gets you asking yourself if it applies to you and how can I apply it in my situation. He tells about an article he wrote that went viral and many AAU teams were using it as their mantra on how to live and act daily. Jay’s purpose is to get you to know the true meaning of toughness, and learn what it takes if you really want to be tough.

My favorite chapter is the one called “Preparation” which deals with his dad and his preaching to Jay on how to be prepared and concentrate on the job at hand. My favorite idea is the ladder and how each rung is important. You can’t start at the top and you must make the daily climb one rung at a time.

This is a book worth reading as it can become applicable to basketball players and coaches at any stage of their life.

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