Top Ten Players to NOT Make NBA 75

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The NBA released their NBA 75 list during All-Star weekend, and the list, of course, came with a lot of pushbacks about certain players not making the cut for the list. Here are some of the top players who didn’t make the list but deserved to be on it.

During All-Star weekend, the NBA had a ceremony for the 75 greatest players in NBA history, which includes the biggest legends to ever play the game. Of course, however, when a list this monumental gets created, there are bound to be snubs.

This article will tackle the best players to be left out of the NBA 75, which includes a couple players I believe were snubbed from the list.

Alex English

A forgotten name, Alex English was one of the league’s best scorers for over a decade playing for the Denver Nuggets. He ranks 20th all time in points, and the second highest career scorer to not be on the NBA 75 list.

Manu Ginobili

While the San Antonio Spurs of the 2000s were never the most flashy team, the team was as dominant as any dynasty ever. Ginobili is the greatest sixth man in NBA history, and the Spurs would not have five rings without him.

Vince Carter

The greatest dunker in NBA history, the future hall of famer played in the third most games in NBA history. Carter was one of the most exciting players to ever touch the hardwood, however did not match the same level of statistical dominance as the players who made the NBA 75 list.

Tony Parker

Along with Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker’s contributions to the Spurs dynasty can not be understated. Parker won a Finals MVP over the great Tim Duncan in 2007, and is well on his way to the NBA hall of fame.

Draymond Green

While it will never be accurately represented in the stat sheet, Draymond Green’s impact on Golden State this past decade has been integral to the team’s playoff success. He is one of the game’s all-time best leaders, defenders, and high IQ players, and is deserving of top 75 consideration.

Pau Gasol

The greatest player to be on the Memphis Grizzlies, Pau Gasol was one of the league’s best big men in the 2000s and early 2010s. He is best remembered for winning two championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant, even though his best years did come in Memphis.

Klay Thompson

Another player from the recent Warriors’ dynasty, Klay Thompson is the second best three point shooter in NBA history, no way around it. His championship pedigree and single-game performances puts him on the fringe of the list, but Thompson’s lack of personal achievements may be what is holding the second splash bro back.

Tracy McGrady

If injuries did not exist, McGrady would have been a lock for NBA 75. He is one of the most electric scorers in NBA history, highlighted by his 32 point per game season in 2002. However, McGrady did not play more than 35 games in four of his last five seasons, and never won a playoff series.

Kyrie Irving

The first player I believe was truly snubbed from the NBA 75 list, Kyrie Irving’s production and playoff success should have been enough to be one of best 75 players in history. Although it is understandable to be annoyed with Irving’s off the court decision, that should not take away from the artwork he produces on the hardwood on an annual basis.

Dwight Howard

It is a crime Dwight Howard is not a NBA 75 member. While some think of Dwight as the journeyman big man that he has been for the backend of his career, one cannot ignore the dominant force he once was for his tenure in Orlando.

Howard is a 3x Defensive Player of the Year and an 8x all-star. During his stint with Orlando, Howard led the team to its first finals appearance since Shaquille O’Neal did in the 1990s. His eight year stretch was as dominant as any center in NBA history, and should have been a no-brain selection to NBA 75.

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