Top Five Courts in College Basketball

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There are hundreds of college basketball courts, with most of them being basic and looking the same. Check out our top five courts in college basketball.

Everybody knows that home court advantage is real, and there are many factors that go into developing that advantage. One of the biggest ways to gain an advantage is by having a court that both the fans and players love.

Some fans like a simple and clean court, while others want to stand out. Which college basketball courts are your favorite? Continue reading this article to see if yours made the cut.

Florida International University, #5

Florida International University–better known as FIU–cracks our fifth-best college basketball court. Florida is known as one of the craziest states in the country, and they have some of the most unique courts to top it off.

The court is beach themed, which is perfect for Florida. It has tropical leaves, water and an intimidating panther in the middle to round it out.

FIU has never been a basketball school, but at least their court is cool. They have only made the NCAA tournament once in their existence and went 15-17 last season. Hopefully, one day this team will turn things around and get more eyes on their flashy court.

University of Central Florida, #4

UCF recently became a football school, but their basketball court will say otherwise. Florida is dominating the list so far as UCF has the fourth-best court in all of college basketball.

We are seeing more and more college floors shying away from the traditional light tan color, and I love the change. UCF unveiled a blacktop court which is all gray, but inside the arc it is the traditional tan color and black inside the paint. The colors blend perfectly together, and it was meant to resemble a blacktop outdoor court.

UCF has changed courts numerous times, but this one is simple and effective. The basketball team is notable for being the home to Tacko Fall, and almost upsetting Duke in March Madness. Besides that, they have only made the tournament five times. So far, there is not a correlation between court design and success.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, #3

There is a lot that goes on in the city of Las Vegas and college basketball is one of them. What better way to show off Sin City than on the home team’s court?

Courts that have a skyline of the town they are in deserve more credit. It is a very simple red and tan floor, with a gray skyline that ties everything together. It is a great trio of colors that make it one of the best courts in all of basketball.

Finally, we have a more prestigious team on the list. They have not been to the tournament in 10 years, but they won a title in 1990. They are one of the most notable college teams of all-time, with one heck of a court.

University of Notre Dame, #2

We have another presitigous school on the list to combat the first two. Notre Dame is one of the best academic schools and has top-notch athletics as well.

It seems like there has been a little bit of some luck of the Irish for Notre Dame as of late. It all starts with their court which is a mix between classic and modern. It has a mix of dark tank and light tan with a big clover in the middle.

The Fighting Irish have no titles, but 37 tournament appearances. Expect a lot more Notre Dame basketball success down the road.

University of Memphis, #1

This one may come with controversy, but the Memphis Tigers have the best basketball court in the history of basketball. You either love it or you hate it, but you have to respect it.

The court of the Tigers is loaded with Memphis blue and it seems the success has been translated to the new court. The blending of the blue with your typical colors on the court is bold in the best way possible.

At the end of the day, a good court should correlate to a better basketball team. Do you agree with our list? Did we miss any teams?

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