Top 5 MLB Players Under 25

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As the MLB grows in talent, the young players have shown their worth. Read as Tommy Burch lists off his top 5 MLB players under 25 and what makes them so special.

A young generation of talent floods in from all countries of the world, representing the best league of baseball. The MLB is no stranger to young talent, as it has defined their league’s success over the last hundred years.

The young talent have grown increasingly capable as years have passed, and some of the best names in the sport are under the age of 25. The best 5 young stars have proven their worth through incredible strength and grit, showing they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as current legends.

5. Wander Franco, TB Rays, SS

The fact that a 21 year old is even on this list is astonishing, yet his numbers do the talking for him. He has a nice bat with a career .276 batting average, and that’s over the span of his first two seasons. He gets on base and gets his teammates home.

Not only this, but his defense is spectacular. He holds down one of the most important positions on the field, and his almost 98% fielding percentage proves this. The youngest player on this list is only held down by his lack of experience, but as he gets better his ranking will too.

4. Fernando Tatis Jr., SD Padres, SS

Even with him missing the entire season, Tatis is one of the rare young talents in baseball. If he wasn’t injured and played out the season, he could easily be at No. 3.

The 2021 NL home run leader played only 130 games last year and was on pace to break records. He was on pace to land top 25 in home runs during a season and would’ve done it at 22.

He’s an all-around player that gets on base and is the face of the Padres franchise even with so little experience. Not only this but his media attention and flash put him on the map for a younger audience, making him a league favorite.

3. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., TOR Blue Jays, 1B

Although on pace for a lesser season than 2021, his stats remain elite. He’s top 20 in home runs on the season and is about 33rd in batting average. His fielding has immensely improved, and his athleticism is being more widely acknowledged.

Vlad is a consistent power hitter for the Jays, and contributes heavily to the team’s success. With his improved defense and his still elite offense, he safely grasps the No. 3 spot.

2. Ronald Acuna Jr., ATL Braves, OF

On one of the best teams in baseball, the Acuna return has changed the game for Atlanta. He may not be hitting the ball out of every MLB stadium, but his hit numbers are up and he’s getting on base.

Once he hits his stride and maintains the success he’s been building, we will see Acuna rise to the top. Even after an ACL recovery, he manages to bat .260 and hit 8 homers. That’s pure and utter talent.

1. Juan Soto, Padres, OF

Is there really much debate? He’s played 4 seasons of over 100 games, and in those four seasons, he hasn’t dipped under 20 home runs. This year he’s on pace to possibly break the 30 home run barrier, which he’s only done one other time in his career.

Although having one of the best bats in baseball does help, ranking top 10 in fielding percentage from RF. Elite on defense, elite on offense, and one of the most dominant presences in baseball.

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