Thoroughbred League in Horse Racing to Begin

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Thoroughbred League is a new concept in the world of horse racing. It will find a group of investors that buy 36 racehorses and then a league office will hold an draft of those horses to be assigned to the equity owners as “theirs” in the league.

Thoroughbred League- Structure

One of the investors is the content officer of Forbes, Randall Lane, that is preparing the league as no other in the sport. This will involve five weekends during the season and begins starting with Kentucky Downs on Sept. 2-3, Labor Day Weekend all at different tracks.

League President of horse operation will be Tom Ludt. He is former chairman pf Breeders Cup Ltd. and former president of Vinery sales and breeding operations

The Thoroughbred League is an  ambitious venture and is evolving and expected to look much different in a few years. It is the hope to draw in other investors and that will allow them to buy more race horses.

The league office will sell tickets to events held in concert with the races, as well as seek out sponsorships and other revenue sources. It is the thinking that these events will cause as much excitement as the Kentucky Derby and other top races. The organization will pay the expenses for the horses involved.

Thoroughbred League- Payouts

These races will have a maximum of six horses in each race ( one from each owner) and betting will be allowed with proceeds going to the host track and horsemen.

Horses will accrue points for their teams based on their finishes in the league-restricted races, the organizers said, with the team that accrues the most points by the end of the series winning a $1 million “grand prize.”

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