The Most Dominant Player in NBA History

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When I think of dominant players in the NBA, my mind automatically races to centers that have played the sport. Centers such as Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Bill Russell.

These three giants of the game have made a lasting impact on the sport. Bill Russell currently holds the most championship rings in NBA history. Kareem is known for leading the NBA with most points scored and his unguardable move, the sky hook. Lastly, Shaq Carries the title of being the most physical and portably has the most potential of winning the most dominant player ever.

Player Value

To decide on who is the most dominant player in NBA history, we must examine what it means to be dominant. The three centers I have named have a stake in claiming they are the most dominant in NBA history. If you’re an NBA fan and you evaluate players based on their accolades and championships, then you may believe that Bill Russel is the best to play the game because of his 11 won championships with the Boston Celtics.

If you believe that a player who produces the most points on the court during a game, Kareem Abdul Jabar, leads the NBA in points scored. NBA superstars in today’s game are still chasing after his record. Finally, if you’re the type of fan that bases judgment on physical prowess, then the man who has been deemed “Superman” Shaquille O’Neal, would be considered the most dominant to play the game. Shaq is usually the biggest and strongest guy on the court at all times. Holding down the painted area and leading his teams to championships.

I want to discuss some players that haven’t been mentioned who I believe have an opportunity to go down in history as the most dominant player in the NBA. After this past season, I believe Steph Curry should be in the discussion for the most dominant player in NBA history. Curry is coming off his 4th NBA championship and first finals MVP honors.

I understand that his small Frame is the complete opposite of that of Shaq, but the way that Steph can take over a game, and dominate the opposing team with a downpour of threes provides proof that he should be in the running. Steph has changed the game of basketball both for the fans and players. The way the 3-ball is valued is completely different than in past years. In this current generation of numbers and analytics, Steph curry is the most dominant on paper.

I would be wrong if I didn’t mention Giannis Antetokounmpo while talking about the most dominant player in NBA history. The Milwaukee Bucks are blessed that Giannis was able to dominate the NBA finals in the 2021 season. That playoff run was one of the most exciting to watch as Giannis looked like a man among boys and led his team to a championship.

Overwhelming Power

I’m one of those fans who place their value in physical prowess. I believe that the most dominant player in NBA history is Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq creates many problems for the other team and is a match-up nightmare. The physiological effect alone of having to play against a 7’1 325lb man is terrifying. His size, paired with his skill and athleticism, leaves opponents with only one option, which is to foul him. Shaq is the most dominant player in NBA history


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