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“The Masters: A Hole-By-Hole History of America’s Golf Classic”

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This is a unique approach to giving the readers a look into the history of The Masters in a hole-by-hole detailing the great golf tourney.

By David Sowell

The Masters golf tournament is one event even the not-so-casual golf fans know about. The true fans of the golf usually rattle off that one event they would like to attend in person is in Augusta, Georgia, known as “The Masters.”

It is that known quantity that author David Sowell takes on a journey through history. He doesn’t go the easy way with a year-by-year approach to the event but rather gives a unique style where he writes 18 chapters with each representing a history of each hole.

Anyone that played in this event at any time in its history has a chance to be mentioned somewhere in the book. We have all heard and read about the designer and founder Bobby Jones along with great players like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, and Tiger Woods. They produced memorable moments in its rich, long tradition. A tradition unlike any other.

Players that highest total strokes on a hole get equal billing with those that had fantastic putts from far away or those that shot eagles, birdies or hole in one shots.

The author lays out each hole for the reader with a description of pin placement, slope and fairway placements along with shrubs and water hazard location. He also provides detail on any changes that may have occurred to each hole from inception to modern day.

This book belongs on sports enthusiasts bookshelf no matter where you are an avid golfer or a hack of the game. It is a treasure of information that isn’t duplicated anywhere. Thanks to the University of Nebraska Press for a review copy in exchange for a review.

About the Author:
David Sowell has written about golf and golf history for numerous golf publications, including the United States Golf Association’s Golf Journal and Links Magazine.

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