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The Greatest Upset Never Seen

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The book has the full title of “The Greatest Upset Never Seen: Virginia, Chaminade, and the Game That Changed College Basketball Forever” and is written by Jack Danilewicz. It is 232 pages and was published on November 1, 2019 by the University of Nebraska Press.

The Stunner News

For those of us that have been around for awhile, you knew this was the biggest upset ever completed in college basketball. On December 23, 1982, Chaminade University defeated the University of Virginia 77-72. Virginia was the top ranked team in the nation and Chaminade was just the host of a holiday hoops tourney in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Upset

The game last past midnight for most of the United States due to the time zone difference. Many sports fans never knew until late on Chirstmas with some not finding out til the next newspaper cycle the next day. The author does a great job in covering everything up to and including the game.

Reading his recap will make many feel like they were there and can feel the excitement and thrills with every play. The small and mighty Silverswords of Chaminade simply stuck it to the Cavaliers by playing better. Virginia went on to compete in the Final Four that season.

It was this success and another major win for Chaminade in 1984 over Louisville that led to the creation of a successful tourney today known as the Maui Invitational. The shocker of a game led to some of the players involved getting remembered in basketball lore and catapulting them to success.

The Players and Coaches

Chaminade coach Merv Lopes is especially interested to read along with top players Tony Randolph. Randolph got no looks on the recruiting trail and ended and NAIA Chaminade. Viriginia’s top star Ralph Sampson continued his career in the NBA.

Sports fans need this book on their shelf. It is a great book of a moment that is almost being forgotten in college basketball. Be sure to read this book.

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