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“Being Ted Williams: Growing Up with a Baseball Idol”

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Famous broadcaster Dick Enberg goes into great detail abut how Ted Williams as his sports idol and later in life they became very close friends.

Famed broadcaster tells a story like few others can do. As a child, he developed a fan crush on the great Ted Williams. He tells about how in his youth he and a friend stalked Ted Williams walking down the street before a game. Everything Enberg did as a youth was directed to lead his life exactly like Ted Williams’.

He goes on to develop the story as to how his boyhood idol became one of his greatest friends in life. Throughout the book, the story jumps from a portion of the Ted Williams life to the life of Dicl Enberg, It is a bit hard to follow a complete story that way. This book is not a biography on either Enberg or Williams but it is a fascinating story about Teddy Ballgame and his graciousness toward Enberg.

Enberg shares how he wasn’t good enough to play ball professionally but all his life he spent talking and re-telling sports. This allowed him to become a sports announcer. He shares how he had to work hard and not quit in order to move up in the broadcasting world. In his first meeting with Ted Williams, he inadvertently hit on a question to pique the interest of Williams and from there on they became friends.

It is not every day a person can become friend with their idol. This book is a quick and easy read. The book belongs on your bookshelf with interesting stories of Ted Williams and Dick Enberg in the same book.

I would like to thank Sports Publishing, which is a registered trademark of Skyhorse Publishing Inc. for sending this book to me in exchange for a fair and honest book review.

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