Beginner Tips to Winning in Sports Betting


Beginner Tips to Winning in Sports Betting

As a newcomer to sports betting, it is critical you soak up as much information about sports betting as you possibly can. We have put together a few tips to help beginners win, from the start, at sports betting.

Winning is Everything

Why get involved in sports betting if you don’t plan to win? But if you ask several different people how to win, you will get several different answers. You could hear one say t look at the key injuries and take advantage of this and you will be profitable. Another likes to bet the home underdogs and rides that train to attempt to win. A third is dialed in to whether a team has momentum or not as their basis for the bet. The bottomline is it has to come from within yourself. Take the time to understand all the different aspects of sports betting.

One thing that remains a fact is the bookmaker have more information at their disposal than you do. So you have to find smarter ways to win. Be diligent in the sports odds and find the right time to make the play. Some find the early odds are a bit off kilter and gobble them up. Others like the middle of the week or late on the point spreads to get a true feel for the entire spectrum of the wager. Look for the odds/spreads that appear to be out of balance.

You Can’t Just Win Half your Bets

That won’t do it. If you win 50-51% of the time you are not winning. Because the house takes about 4% of the money as their cut, you need to attempt to win near 55% of the time in order to break even. That is a very difficult task so you must be smart and be somewhat picky on the games you are looking to bet. Don’t bet for betting sakes.

Research Before you Committ

Read the injury reports, listen to podcasts, pick up a paper and/or find a relevant show that gives information on teams which includes their injuries along with other information that could help in making a wagering decision. Injuries in the NBA have to be weighted even more heavily, because players play both offense and defense.

Every year in the NFL, a few teams are decimated with injuries, making them a bad bet under any circumstances. Injuries are one reason teams are so up-and-down from one year to the next in the National Football League.

One item that may even more important in the development of your bet is the players that are hurt and are still attempting to play. Will they be less effective than normal? You have to reach inside yourself to pass judgment on these kind of things.

It’s Not About Betting the Best Teams

Novice bettors have the tendency to bet the good teams and the hot games on the schedule. That can be fine but it is just as likely you can find a better value somewhere far away from the good teams. Think about betting against a bad team. Find the worst NFL or poor NBA team and bet against them. Think this through and consider if the poor teams have a chance to improve or will they get a star player or two back for various reason before jumping too quickly.

Expand your Opportunities through Bookmakers

Find sportsbooks to meet your needs. Check how much juice they are charging and if there are any online transfer fees or withdrawals and deposits. Get into several books to help you find the best line for a game. They are not all the same. Some have a thinner margin than others. Find the best betting line before wagering.

Use Your Math Skills

I would guess you never thought the Junior High Math that Mrs Lynch taught you would ever be needed. If you don’t like math then sports betting may not be for you. Again, research statistics and trends. You that information to develop your own hunch for betting the line. Keep a record of your bets and don’t go chasing bets.

That means just because you lost don’t try to make it up on another bet that is more expensive hoping to make it all back at once. That will put you in a serious hole. You are likely to have higher expenditures than you thought you would have and quite possibly lost more than you ever dreamed. Don’t gut bet, use the research and math.

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