Sports Betting Strategy: Betting Against the Public

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Learn how betting against the public is a very profitable way to make some money in sports betting. You don’t want to follow the crowd! Read here…

If you are a devoted sports bettor then you likely have a betting strategy that works for you, but there are probably some that you haven’t given a try yet. A solid betting strategy might seem like a hard thing to stick to, but can end up making you a ton of money in the long run. Different betting strategies work for different sports, and we are going to focus on baseball, and MLB games for this discussion.

Betting on baseball has always been a touchy subject, but there are plenty of ways to make a ton of money by making a living on betting on baseball. One of the best strategies that you should consider is betting against the public when it comes to baseball.

The moneyline is what most sports bettors look at when betting on MLB games, but that’s not what you should focus on. Take a deeper look at the odds before placing a bet, and focus on the run line as opposed to the moneyline. Let’s take a deeper dive into this betting strategy in hopes of winning you some money by betting on baseball.

Beware of the Odds

The first thing that you need to look at when betting on Major League Baseball games are the odds. The oddsmakers set the odds in hopes that you will bet a certain way, and you should ignore them until you come up with your own conclusion on a baseball game.

Most of the odds centered around Major League Baseball are based upon the starting pitching matchup, but there is so much more to consider when placing a bet on a certain game. The odds are trying to get you to bet a certain way, but a deeper dive into the two teams might give you a better representation of who should be favored in a particular matchup.

The standings play a huge role in how oddsmakers come up with odds for a certain matchup, but baseball games don’t always reflect who is on top in the standings. If you just look at the odds when placing a bet on Major League Baseball games then you are likely to find yourself losing more money than you win.

Focus on Moneyline Over Run Line

The best bets in football and basketball are placed on the point spread, but that isn’t the case in baseball. Betting on the run line can cause you a ton of stress as you watch the games, and won’t actually win you a ton of money in the long run.

You will get much better odds if you take a team to win by +1.5 runs, but baseball is an extremely hard game to predict. You should focus on the moneyline and place your bets on that rather than try to bet on a team to win by 1.5 runs or keep the final score within 2.0 runs.

After you do your necessary research and analysis then you should have a better idea of who will win each game. Betting on the moneyline for Major League Baseball games might not win you a ton of money with each game, but it’s much better than betting against the run line.

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