Dudes, Please Stop Proposing at Baseball Games

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I attended the Red Sox vs Rays game on Monday, and I almost died from the combination of heatstroke, errors, and marriage proposals. To give you a little background on me…I am 23 years old, and I am NOWHERE near ready to get married. However, when I pop the question, I guarantee it will not be at Fenway Park.

Tale of Two Proposals

I have seen my fair share of people proposing at baseball games, but I witnessed two at Fenway Park on Monday. One of the proposals occurred in the second inning, and then another happened in the fifth.

The first proposal made me think, “I would never propose the baseball game.”

The second proposal made me think, “Why are we still proposing at baseball games?”

Please Stop Proposing at Baseball Games

I am a sports guy, and if you are reading this, you probably are as well. It’s hard not to love sports because they are a simulation of life through games. In baseball, two teams take the field, and only one can prevail.

Does the modern-day coliseum sound like a place to propose to your life partner?

Marriage is hard enough, but if you are proposing at a baseball game, you are setting your relationship up for failure.

Guys, do not give a woman the satisfaction of saying, “You proposed to me at a baseball game,” when sh** hits the fan after a few years of marriage. Like I said, I am not getting married anytime soon here, and I know this happens all the time.

The Main Reason You Shouldn’t

To the two marriage proposals on Monday at Fenway: I wish you both a long, happy, and healthy life together. I do not want to be negative, but this is likely not going to happen.

The divorce rate in the United States is upwards of 50%, so either the second inning or fifth inning couple will not succeed. Baseball is a numbers game, and so is marriage.

The men who propose at baseball games typically have a reason for getting down on one knee in between peanuts and empty beer cups. They believe their relationship is connected to baseball in some capacity.

Yet, what happens if the marriage goes south?

Baseball may never be the same again. I do not want this to occur, but what if one of the couples from Monday’s contest will get divorced. I do not think either will want to go to Fenway Park to enjoy a Red Sox game.

Proposing at a baseball game could ruin your relationship with the game.

If you are 100% confident, you are not getting divorced, and you enjoy thousands of eyes watching you make out with your partner on the jumbotron, a baseball proposal could be perfect.

However, as a 23-year-old with no marriage plans, I would intentionally walk the baseball proposal and go with another plan.

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