Building the Perfect All-Time NBA Starting Five

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What would the best all-time starting five look like if any NBA player could be chosen? In this article, Noah selects his dream starting five.

Basketball fans often dream about what it would be like to see all of the all-time NBA greats play together in the same era. That leads to people creating “dream lineups” consisting of the best starting five of NBA legends people can conjure.
There are many NBA greats to choose from, but what would the perfect “dream lineup” look like? In this article, we build the perfect all-time starting five. Things considered for selection are talent and fit with the other players in the lineup.

Point Guard: Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history. That is going to be the most important skill Curry could bring to an all-time starting five. His ability to shoot accurately from 40 feet away from the basket would help space the floor for his other teammates. Curry is one of the most unguardable players in NBA history, and so are the other players on this team. If he stretched out the floor for a team with five Hall-of-Fame talents, the opposing defense would not stand a chance. The only issue is that Curry is not the best defender. The other players on this team will need to be good defenders so that Curry’s defensive limits can be managed.

Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan

Any time you mention a list or a team of the greatest players of all-time, Michael Jordan should be one of the first names mentioned. So of course he is on this list. It is no secret that Jordan was an elite scoring machine. He dominated offensively in all areas of the game. What makes Jordan a crucial piece of this lineup is that he was one of the best defensive guards of all-time. Not only would that help mitigate Curry’s shortcomings on the defensive end, but it also creates opportunities for more baskets on the other end. If a dream starting five like this could score extra points from their defensive possessions, games could start getting out of hand very quickly.

Small Forward: Kevin Durant

If Michael Jordan and Steph Curry are already in the starting five, then throwing Kevin Durant into the mix would cause some serious matchup issues. Durant becomes the third player on the team who would need to be double teamed to have a chance at properly defending him. KD isn’t the strongest player, but as a seven-footer who can shoot from anywhere on the floor, he doesn’t need to be that strong. Strength will be something to look for for the last two selections.

Power Forward: LeBron James

The skill and versatility that LeBron James brings to the game allows him to play any position. He could be the point guard for this team or even the center, but playing him at the power forward seems like the best fit in order to allow everyone else to play in their natural position. LeBron played power forward for many games during his time with the Miami Heat. Playing that position means that he will need to use more of his strength. As a 250-pound athlete with the speed and athleticism of a guard, he seems to be well-equipped for the spot. The only issue this might cause is by putting a player who is 6’8” at the power forward position, it might cause a size issue.

Since he is such a talented all-around player, LeBron is the one that brings everything together for this starting five. As one of the greatest playmakers in NBA history, LeBron should be able to lead the offense. The other players could also deliver with the ball in their own hands, but they are often better utilized when they are playing off the ball. James’ passing ability allows for this to happen.

Center: Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq is the perfect center to complete the perfect starting five. He had unbelievable strength and size, which would solve the rest of the team’s issues. Additionally, he was a dominant paint presence. With the way the other players space the floor for him, he would be able to get several opportunities to score inside the paint.

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