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Ranking the Top 5 Super Bowls over the last 10 years

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Over the past ten years, there have been some incredible football teams and some surprising endings in the Super Bowl. Thats why i will be ranking top 5 super bowls…

Ranking the Top 5 Super Bowls over the last 10 years

Over the past ten years, there have been some incredible football teams and some surprising endings in the Super Bowl. Over the past decade, the Super Bowl has also had many one-sided blowout games that were not as enjoyable to watch as others unless you are a fan of the winning team. Super Bowl XLVIII was seemingly over after the Broncos center snapped the ball over Peyton Manning’s head and the Seattle defense and special teams dominated all game. In the most recent Super Bowl, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took control of the game early and never looked back, holding the Chiefs without a touchdown.

I know that if my team is not in the big game, I want things to come down to the fourth quarter. 

1. Super Bowl XLIX 

New England Patriots 28 Seattle Seahawks 24

Now, this Super Bowl was one for the ages. Tom Brady against the Seattle Seahawks and Legion of Boom. Seattle was an excellent team this year, and it’s unexplainable how they did not take home the Lombardi Trophy. Now not only was this game great because it was back and forth for the first three quarters, but there was also a late comeback when the Patriots took the lead with just over two minutes remaining in the game.

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks had two minutes to travel down the field and win the game. On second and goal from the one-yard line, all Seattle needed to do was hand the ball of the Marshawn Lynch, and he would do what he does and punch it into the endzone…instead, the Seahawks called a one-yard slant route, and Patriots corner Malcolm Butler jumped the route intercepting the pass and winning the game for New England. 

2. Super Bowl LI

New England Patriots 34 Atlanta Falcons 28

The Atlanta Falcons could not have positioned themselves any better in this game, having a 28-3 lead late in the third quarter. This game was yet another example that you can never count out Tom Brady, and he proved just that. Brady led his team down the field multiple times, scoring, and the Patriots defense began to buckle down and stop the Falcons offense. New England marched down the entire field down eight points and scored a touchdown, and converted the two-point conversion with 57 seconds remaining in the game.

The game went into overtime, and New England won in the craziest comeback in the biggest game of the year. 

3. Super Bowl LII

Philadelphia Eagles 41 New England Patriots 38

The Philadelphia Eagles came into this one as underdogs with their backup quarterback Nick Foles starting. The Eagles jumped out early and took the lead, but eventually, the Patriots came back. Through gutsy play calls like the Philly Special and risky decision making the Eagles and head coach Doug Pederson positioned themselves nicely in this game. Philly took the lead late in the fourth quarter, and it was too much for the Patriots. Brady ended the game with another very close hail mary.

Ultimately, this game was filled with offense and very high scoring. 

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4. Super Bowl XLVII 

Baltimore Ravens 34 San Francisco 49ers 31

This is a very memorable Super Bowl as it was a meeting between head coaches Jim and John Harbaugh. The Baltimore Ravens got out to a very big lead, and it appeared that this game was going to be a blowout. That was until the Superdome lost power, and the game was delayed. Following this delay, the 49ers went on a big run and came close to tying the game up. Late in the fourth quarter, the 49ers had multiple opportunities with the goal to go to take the lead, and the Ravens defense led by Ray Lewis held on.

5. Super Bowl XLVI

New York Giants 21 New England Patriots 17

The Patriots and Giants met for the first time since the Giants knocked off New England and their perfect season in 2007. This game was low scoring and back and forth for the entire time. Eli Manning threw a deep pass to Mario Manningham, and he was able to catch the ball and keep his feet in bounds to ultimately set up a Giants touchdown. This game came down to a Tom Brady hail mary that ended up being batted just out of the reach of Rob Gronkowski. 

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