NFL or NCAA Football Comparison

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The National Football League is much more exciting than college football. Throughout the year the NFL continues to have better ratings than the NCAA.

Football is the largest sport in the U.S, the two leaders of this sport have to be the NFL and NCAA. Though both are exciting to watch, the National Football League is far ahead of college football through gameplay, watch enjoyment, and intensity.

The NCAA without a doubt still does certain aspects of the game better than the NFL. The competitiveness and intensity of college football is unmatched. As the energy brought to rival colleges is a spectacle to be seen.
Gameplay Between Each League

The NFL has thirty two teams in the league with a wide range of good and bad teams. Since the NFL airs one game Monday night and Thursday night while airing the rest on Sunday, not every game is as interesting as the last due to teams tanking or rebuilding. The competitiveness and skill is unmatched to any other sporting event on TV.

College football is much different with many more teams divided up into divisions. The skill gap between the top and bottom of division along with the gap between divisions some games tend to be less exciting than others. The NFL truly takes the cake in this category as each NFL team is closer in skill than college teams will be.

This is also evident in which teams are at the top of the NFL and NCAA. The Superbowl is the final game of the NFL season and can be a toss up of who’s going to take the championship home as we saw last year with the Bengals. This is not the case for college football as many teams like Alabama, Clemson, and few others have rained supreme over the rest of the league for years causing the championship to feel less important.

Fan Bases and Viewership

One aspect of college football that is more exciting to watch than the NFL is the pride students take in their school. With so many different college teams and players the majority of each fan base are much more dedicated than we see in the NFL. This dedication and energy is seen in each game

Although when looking at the numbers of ratings and viewership the NFL is far ahead being the most watched sports league in America. With fewer teams in the country many states either only have one team or none at all, with the exception of a few states. This causes larger fan bases for each team and more viewership as each game is extremely important.

This also allows the NFL to only keep the best in its league, to make the NFL is an extremely hard task and with limited roster spots this means only the players who prove they have the skill to be in the league are in it.

Since the NFL has limited teams, larger fan bases for each one, and the best football players in the world it’s more enjoyable to watch the best compete at a high level leading to the NFL outshining college football each year.

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