Top 5 NBA Players Who Can Take A Game Over In Crunch Time

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Clutch shots are some of the most pressure-packed moments in all sports, and they can make or break a team’s season. Most NBA teams are led by players who are clutch shooters. Below are some of them

NBA fans are some of the wildest and most dedicated in all sports. From elaborate fan costumes to creative chants and songs, NBA fans know how to show their team some love. But when their favored team is down by a single point with the final seconds of the game ticking away, they stare intently at the action on the court.

Avid fans are holding their breath in anticipation of a miracle. They hope that the ball somehow finds its way into the hoop and their team can pull off an improbable victory. This play is called a clutch shot. It’s usually taken in the last five seconds of a game that either ties or gives the shooter’s team the lead.

Clutch shots are some of the most pressure-packed moments in all sports, and they can make or break a team’s season. Most NBA teams are led by players who are clutch shooters. Below are some of them.

Devin Booker

The Phoenix Suns are the NBA team with the most clutch players. And one splendid Suns player is Devin Booker. In fact, in 2021, Booker was the second most clutch player in the league. Booker can take over a game and will do whatever it takes to win. This is evident with every game he plays.

The three-time All-Star is averaging over 25 points, four assists, and five rebounds this season, with over 67% of his field goals in clutch time. That makes Booker one of the most dominant players in the clutch.

DBook’s streaky shooting and offensive mindset is one of the best factors the Phoenix Suns need to win the NBA Championship. Be sure to check out NBA lines and go with the Phoenix Suns to have a good chance of winning your games.

Stephen Curry

Although Stephen Curry is down for the remainder of the regular season due to his left foot’s sprained ligament, he’s still one of the best fourth-quarter performers in the league. In January 2022, he delivered his first career game-winning buzzer-beater against the Houston Rockets.

Confetti fell, and the Warriors celebrated the win as if it were a playoff game. Stephen Curry nailed a 20-foot jumper as the clock hit zero and the buzzer blared, sending the Houston Rockets packing. The Warriors bench went wild, and Curry was mobbed by his teammates.

“It was a great feeling,” Curry said. “I just tried to stay calm and composed, and it went in.” Golden State has plenty of other weapons, but no one can take over a game as Curry can. We’ll have to wait and see when Curry will come back on the court. But until then, the Warriors still have a chance to win the championship.

Kevin Durant

2022 has been a crazy year for the Brooklyn Nets, and Kevin Durant carried his team as much as possible. However, he missed most of the games in February because of an injury, plus there’s been the Kyrie Irving drama and the James Harden trade.

Even with all of these circumstances, Kevin Durant is still one of the best when it comes to hitting the big buckets. Before Durant went down, the Brooklyn Nets were among the top teams in the East.

With his return in March, Durant clutched a three-pointer and dropped 53 points against the New York Knicks. He was remarkable in that game, and we can’t wait to see more of what he can do in the playoffs.

Joel Embiid

After 16 games, Joel Embiid garnered a total of 95 clutch points. He leads the pack and has a good efficiency of 81.6% FT, 36.4% 3P, and 49.4% FG. Embiid’s clutch skills are not just about making baskets but also about drawing fouls.

He has the highest free throw rate (FTR) in clutch time among players with at least 50 clutch minutes. It shows that teams often try to put Embiid on the line as the game gets closer and they need a stop. The Sixers with a healthy Joel Embiid and the newly acquired James Harden will be a difficult team to beat come playoffs.

Russell Westbrook

When Russell Westbrook does something unique on the court, we can’t help but smile from ear to ear and be happy. Look at his miraculous clutch steal against the Raptors last March 18, 2022.

That 3-pointer steal forced an OT versus the Raptors. With about 13 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Westbrook stole the ball and raced down the court. He then pulled up for a three-pointer and drained it, tying the game at 123. In overtime, the Lakers seized the momentum and won 128-123.

Westbrook’s steal was not only impressive but clutched as well. It was one of the game’s biggest plays, and it helped the Lakers win in OT. Lakers fans went crazy after Westbrook’s steal and a three-pointer. If you didn’t see it, check out the highlights. It was a play worth watching.


It is no secret that clutch players are crucial to winning in the NBA. When the game is on the line, teams need someone who can take control and make a play. That’s why having an elite scorer on your roster is so important. They can give you that extra edge when it matters most.

A few players in the NBA have proven themselves to be clutch. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are some of the best in the business when taking over in crunch time. They can score when it matters most and often come up with big plays to help their team win.


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