My Favorite Brawlers in Brawl Stars

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In every great game, there will always be your favorite characters to play. Continue reading to find who my favorite brawlers in Brawl Stars are.

This will be a list of my favorite brawlers to play, regardless of game mode, in Brawl Stars. These brawlers have been the ones that I look forward to playing and keep me playing this game. Continue reading to find who my favorite 10 brawlers in Brawl Stars are.

PS — we also put together some of the top brawlers in Brawl Stars that we update from time to time.

My Top 10 Favorite Brawlers

10. Buzz: For my tenth favorite brawler to play, it will be the newest and most broken new character Brawl Stars has ever released, which is Buzz. I got him about two days ago and have pushed him to 300 trophies already. In a limited amount of playing time, I have enjoyed Buzz a lot, and he could climb up this list as I play more.

The reason Buzz is so exciting to play is because of his super mechanic and stun. Stunning just makes me feel so powerful because the enemy is just sitting there waiting to die. His gadget is also broken so that he gets his super instantly. Buzz has insane DPS, so he melts anyone in his way. Buzz is the complete package for a melee brawler.

9. Spike: Spike is such an incredible brawler to play. Also, I absolutely love his design and just his entire kit. Spike’s shots spread out, and can tag enemies so easily, which is why I like to play him. Spike has been a fan favorite, and he comes in at a solid ninth place on this list.

Spike’s gadget is very lackluster, although it is very good in game modes such as heist or siege. I am waiting for the newest Spike gadget to come out in the next few weeks, which looks like it will make him a little bit tankier, which he needs. Also, I love Spike’s fertilize star power, and I think it is one of the most fun star powers in the game.

8. Lou: Lou may not be liked by most people, but there is something about his shot mechanics that makes me want to keep playing him. Lou is a decent brawler in the meta right now, but the reason I like him so much is his stunning ability with his shots and super. I play Lou to get as many stuns as I can and then let my teammates melt the guys in my super.

Lou’s current gadget can be used to make some great outplays, but like Spike, his newest gadget looks like it will make him much better. The newest gadget will add 50% of the freeze effect to a brawler whenever they are in his super. Overall, Lou is a blast to play, and I think the combinations of supers and stuns are what keeps me playing him.

7. Nani: Nani is an extremely intriguing character to play. If you hit your shots with her, she outputs a TON of damage. Almost 3,000 damage per shot, and her super is easier to charge now with just 6 shots. I absolutely love playing Nani, and I think she has the highest skill cap for a brawler, which makes her so rewarding to play.

Her super is definitely the best thing about her because it locks onto an opponent, and they can do nothing about it. Nani’s return to sender gadget is also very strong and fun to place against other snipers like Bea or Piper. Nani is a phenomenal brawler, and she is one of the most rewarding to play in all of Brawl Stars.

6. Surge: Surge is 6th on this list because he can make some wild plays. His super and gadget combination allows Surge to decimate opposing brawlers. I love the mechanic of building up his speed, range, etc., from his super. That is such a cool idea, and I haven’t been able to stop playing Surge since he was released.

Surge’s gadget allows him to TP through walls and get close and personal with any brawler. That gadget can jump on any brawler, and then his super can be a defense with the knockback ability. Surge has been addicting to play and will always be one of my favorites.

5. Carl: Something about Carl’s shots is extremely satisfying to shoot. He is always in and out of the meta, but he seems to be so good when he’s one of the best brawlers. Carl’s damage and quick shots make him great to play.

If it wasn’t for Carl’s flying hook gadget, I don’t think he would be as exciting as he is. But he does have it, and being able to fly across the map and make crazy plays are so fun to play. His Power Throw star power is also essential to having a good time with Carl. He is one of my favorites because nobody expects to die from a Carl, but he proves them wrong.

4. Leon: Leon is my 4th favorite because he is an absolute beast in one v. one situations. Leon can kill almost any brawler with just three shots. Not to mention that his super literally makes him go invisible. Just his ability to sneak and destroy enemies is what makes Leon so exhilarating.

Leon’s star powers are two of the best star powers in the game, but I usually prefer the speed one. The plays you can make with Leon’s speed are incredible, and he can change up any game with one super. His gadget isn’t the best, but his new one coming soon will give Leon even more invisibility.

3. Daryl: Daryl is my third favorite brawler, which may come as a surprise to some. His super is what makes him great, in my opinion. The aggressiveness of Daryl and his up-close damage is extremely good and a blast to play. He has been around for a long time and has always been one of the brawlers I go to.

The funny thing is, both of Daryl’s gadgets are terrible. Hopefully, they will get reworks of some sort. His star power, Steel Hoops, is great to tank any damage coming at you and not worry about dying using your super. Daryl is always a great tank to play and comes in as my 3rd favorite in the game.

2. Tara: Tara is my 2nd favorite brawler, mainly due to her super. Her potential to change a game with one super is insane and so fun to play. I love being able to charge up her super and scare off opponents once I do. She also does a bunch of close-range damage, which makes her such a fun brawler.

Tara’s newest gadget that spawns three mini pets is tremendous in all modes. She gives off so much pressure and scares off opponents even more. I think the reason I love Tara so much is her intimidation factor. I love Tara’s superpower and ability to destroy any brawler that comes at her.

1. Crow: Crow is my all-time favorite brawler in the game. He is so, so fun to shoot brawlers down and poison them so they can’t heal up. I love charging up his super and being able to jump across the map and make insane plays. Crow has the all-around kit for being an annoying brawler, but also one that can destroy enemies.

Crow’s super is so good, but his Slowing Toxin gadget is extremely broken. Slowing opponents for 5 entire seconds can almost guarantee a kill. I also love his Carrion Crow star power, which turns enemies’ health bars pink when they are at half health. Crow has so many mechanics that are enjoyable to play, as he is my favorite brawler in all of Brawl Stars.

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