Most Toxic Fanbases in MLB

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Everybody hates an annoying MLB fan, so today, we will rank the three most toxic fanbases in the game. Check out our article to see the worst fans in baseball.

With 30 teams in MLB, not every franchise is going to have the nicest fans. In fact, there are numerous teams who have a fanbase that is not very pleasant to be around. We will be ranking the three worst fanbases in all of MLB baseball.

In every fanbase, there are always bad apples in the bunch, but this list we will focus on the team with the most rotten apples. Can you guess any of the teams that will be our prestigious list?

Los Angeles Dodgers, No. 3

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers for being ranked third on our list, you are not the worst fanbase in MLB! This was a tough decision, but there is more to this article than my own opinion.

Having recently moved to Los Angeles, this city is decked out in Dodger blue. LA is a Lakers and Dodgers city. The brand of the Dodgers is so historic and widely embraced in this city, which sounds good at first, but now we introduce the toxicity.

There have been numerous accounts brought to my attention during the making of this article that it is unsafe to wear an opposing teams jersey to Dodger Stadium. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?

People have been beat up or even robbed based on the jersey they wear in this city. Of course, this happens every once in a blue moon at other stadiums, but it is commonplace with this fanbase. The Dodgers are a proud fanbase, but one of the most toxic in the game.

Chicago Cubs, No. 2

The Chicago Cubs call themselves the Loveable Losers, but they are far from it. To make things worse in 2016, countless “Cubs” discovered the sport of baseball existed, making their fanbase that much worse.

Surely you have heard of the name Steve Bartman. A lifelong Cubs fans who made the biggest mistake of his life by interfering with a play in the 2003 NLCS against the Florida Marlins. Put emphasis on the word mistake in this situation; that is exactly what it was, a mistake. Cubs fans made Bartman the most hated man in Chicago for years to come. Watch the ESPN documentary, Catching Hell, and tell me this fanbase is not horrendous.

Having resorted back into irrelevancy as a team, the Cubs fanbase has grown slightly less toxic. This is mainly because they are hiding in the bush waiting to come out again in 108 years. Please imagine the Homer Simpson meme when reading that last sentence.

New York Yankees, No. 1

Something about hating on the New York Yankees just feels right. Any true MLB fan knew this answer was coming, so congratulations to Yankees fans!

How many times have you read an argument online and you see the same comment over and over again talking about their 27 rings. The MLB history of New York MLB baseball is amazing, and the success has been earned, but just stay away from the Facebook comments for once.

Yankees fans have done some pretty unforgivable things to the opposing teams and fans at their games. From throwing knives, to beer, to simply showing their true colors with their foul language, a Yankees game is quite the experience.

Being toxic is never cool, but I really do want to experience a Yankees vs. Red Sox game before I die. Feel free to be as toxic as you want, but for just that game.

Did we miss any teams on our list, or did we hit the head on the nail? These are the three worst fanbases in MLB as of 2022, and only time will tell if these remain to be true.

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