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Citi Field Review

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Baseball Spotlight’s Citi Field review will tell you everything you need to know about the home of the New York Mets. 

The Mets are in first place in the National League East at the moment, and they have a stadium that aligns with their superiority in the division. You should not venture too far off the beaten path from Citi Field because there is not much going on in the New York City borough,

I attended the Mets game against the Blue Jays on Saturday, and New York was blown off the diamond. However, the atmosphere was still decent for the early innings before New Yorkers started turning on their team (No surprise, it’s New York).

Although, the overall game experience was tremendous at Citi Field. I am not a fan of New York, but if I had to go to a game in the city, I would choose Citi over Yankee Stadium.

Citi Field Review: Location – C

I assure you that the review will improve after this section. However, Citi Field’s location is horrendous. I would have given it an F if it was not accessible for people traveling to the game. There are many stadiums in MLB that are in the heart of a buzzing downtown area.

Citi Field is not one of those stadiums unless you enjoy walking around Queens, New York. COVID-19 has destroyed New York City, so a lot of the businesses around the stadium are out of business.

I think Yankee Stadium has an excellent surrounding section, and that’s saying something because, you know, it’s the Yankees…

If you are going to Citi Field for a vacation, my recommendation would be to stay in Manhattan and commute. There is a subway stop that drops you off right in front of the ballpark.

Citi Field Review: Food – A-

MLB stadiums are known for high prices, and the Mets’ ballpark is no different. The food at Citi Field is spectacular, but the prices are wicked. Steve Cohen wants to win, but he has to pay players, so you will pay seven dollars for a hot dog.

If you are looking to get drunk, it will cost you $100, so I recommend sneaking some nips or tailgating. However, the domestic and imported beer selection is excellent, so there is something on tap to satisfy all fans.

All fans have access to restaurants in the outfield like Shake Shack, Bash Burger, Pat Lafriedas, and Mister Softee. Mister Softee soft serve is the stadium’s staple, so if you like ice cream, you will not want to miss this stand.

Citi Field Review: Viewing Experience – B+

There are a few bad seats in Citi Field that you want to keep in mind when selecting tickets. If you are in the 400 or 500 sections in the upper deck, you will want to stay away from the lower rows because you could be blocked by plexiglass which is set up to prevent people from falling.

You can see through the glass, but it will get annoying by the fifth inning. Also, if you are sitting in the field box, you will be blocked by a net. The Mets were one of the first stadiums to install netting to protect viewers.

It’s good for safety, but bad if you are looking for a toss-up from your favorite players. The seats are comfortable at Citi Field because it’s a newer stadium. I am 6’4”, so leg space is of the essence.

I may be a massive Red Sox fan, but the viewing experience at Fenway is awful for me because of the old seats.

Citi Field: Gameday Atmosphere – B+

New York fans are very passionate, so the atmosphere at Citi Field starts at a B. I witnessed a game where the Blue Jays whooped the Mets, but it was exciting for a couple of innings.

When Toronto began kicking the Mets in the mouth repetitively, the stadium atmosphere died, so I am going to give Citi Field a B+. All stadiums have great atmospheres in big games, but the real test is what a ballpark looks like in a blowout.

Citi Field: Overall Experience – B

The seats at Citi Field make it a win for me as a big dude. Nevertheless, there are issues with the stadium, like the surrounding area and high prices. Citi Field is worth the trip, but it’s either a day visit or part of a Manhattan vacation.

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