MLB Stadiums Ranked in the NL Central

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MLB teams are easy to rank, but the stadiums they play in are not. The five NL Central stadiums will be ranked in this article.

The 2022 Major League Baseball season in the National League Central looks to be a two-team race between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers throughout the first half of the season. It is very easy to rank a team based on wins and losses, but what about ranking their stadiums and the experiences they provide?

The Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds will have their stadiums ranked from worst to best. Many factors will be drawn upon, such as the beauty of the park, fan experience, food and more.

No. 5: American Family Field

Sorry Brewers fans, American Family Field which opened in 2001 is the worst stadium in the NL Central. They do a good job of selling tickets, but that does not disguise the ugliness of the stadium. Formerly known as Miller Park, it just has no aesthetic on the inside or out.

The retractable roof takes off a lot of points, but there are some positives. The concessions are noted to have great Wisconsin food (cheese curds and custard…yum) and bratchos (brat nachos). American Family Field sits pretty far from downtown with not a lot to do around it. The amenities and concourse are the worst in the NL Central, but everyone loves the home run slide and the racing sausages.

No. 4: Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park is a middle of the pack stadium in a middle of the pack city. The stadium that opened in 2003 is painted red with their red seats and shows a nice view of the Ohio River, but you miss out on seeing downtown Cincinnati. Of course, one of the highlights of this park is their Skyline Chili.

This stadium is not great and not terrible. Few hate it but few love it. Reds games are the most affordable out of the rest of the teams, and fans love the convenient access to downtown Cincy, and the great food options at the stadium. Great American Ball Park simply gets the job done.

No. 3: Wrigley Field

This may shock some, but Wrigley Field is not the best or even the second-best stadium on the list. Parking is hard to find and expensive, it is crammed and both smells and feels old. People have compared the stadium to smelling like pee at times. The history is something you have to see, as it opened in 1914, but you will either love it or really hate it.

Wrigleyville has many great bars and there is always something to do on gamedays. The bleachers are a, well, interesting experience with the coveted beer snake that forms and that rowdy young crowd.

Wrigley is known for its atmosphere over everything else. Surprisingly, the food has poor reviews from thousands of people, and Wrigley is not all that Cubs fans set it out to be.

No. 2: PNC Park

The home of the Pirates is one of the best stadiums in all of baseball. It is truly a beautiful stadium. It is easy to get to, affordable and offers a lot to do both in and outside the stadium. Another stadium that opened in 2001, PNC Park feels cozy to watch a game.

Because the Pirates have not competed for years, the atmosphere is definitely lacking, but the great food, quick lines and bang for your buck make PNC Park the second-best park in the NL Central.

No. 1: Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium takes the crown for the best stadium in the NL Central. Since opening in 2006, this park in St. Louis is a fan favorite. If you thought this stadium experience could not get any better, Ballpark Village was introduced making gamedays that much more magical.

Looking at the St. Louis skyline while watching a game shows its true beauty. With a fun and open concourse with options for all ages to enjoy, great food and a consistently stellar atmosphere, you will want to catch a game. St. Louis is a baseball city, and Busch Stadium is this city’s Mecca.

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