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“Lucky Bastard” by Joe Buck

Book review at Knup Sports

Tom looks at another sports book. Joe Buck discusses what his life was like growing up as the son of Jack Buck and how it became difficult to carve out his own destiny.

Love him or hate him.. You all wish you had his job. Joe Buck is one of the luckiest men in sports. And, he admits it. While Jack Buck was a legend, Joe has made his own mark on the sports world.

Now, I’m a bit bias, because of my St Louis Sports allegiance, but this is a treasure. Takes you through his time with his father and all of the challenges of being a national broadcaster.

Joe dives into how he almost lost his job… Because of his hair.. He also talks about his divorce, and finding the new love of his life. Joe Buck is funny, knowledgeable and family man, and this is pretty evident in this book.

Highly recommend to sports fans. And no, Joe does not hate your team.

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