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“Life is Yours to Win: Lessons Forged from the Purpose, Passion, and Magic of Baseball” By Augie Garrido with Wes Smith

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Tom examines the life lessons taught by legendary coach Augie Garrido through baseball.

This book is about building men of quality. Garrido does that by teaching life lessons on the field and off the field. He offers an approach that may feel are a bit against the grain. In this book, he shares several of those lessons that made him famous.

As a coach, it is a no-nonsense, win-at-all-cost that his player love. He takes the players on the diamond and turns their situations into life lessons and how they can apply them. He talks to players about being a player and not looking ahead to being a prospect. He is a master of getting his players to not have fear and controlling their emotions.

This is an interesting book. If you are looking for tons of baseball action, it is not in this book. However, if you would like to know a multitude of life lessons for yourself or someone you would like to help, this is your book.

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