Key Strategies to Consider Ahead of the new NFL Season

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With the NFL season taking shape soon, you can be successful this season with the right sportsbook.

One of the very few downsides to the National Football League is its long offseason. With no division of an equivalent standard anywhere in the world, fans have to be patient between the months of February and August.

For the betting community, it can be similarly frustrating but there are ways in which to put the downtime to good use. This is the ideal time to consider NFL Futures markets while it’s also important to identify some strategies that can be used for the upcoming campaign.

Are you with the right Sportsbook?

There’s never a bad time to look at your betting provider and to see whether you’ve made the right choice. We’re all looking for something a little different but there are also some key factors that unite every bettor.

We want to be sure that the odds are competitive and not out of step with the rest of the industry. You don’t have to spend too much time on this. Just check out an odds comparison site or take a look at four or five NFL bets. If your sportsbook is competitive on that sample size, they are likely to be solid across the board.

Choice is also important: You want your operator to list plenty of betting options beyond the straight Moneyline. Points spread, total points plus player and game props are useful to most bettors.

Once again, you can check this point yourself or you can get a third-party website to do it for you. A portal such as takes the question of choice and value into account when it reviews hundreds of affiliated operators.

While assessing those important aspects, readers can be informed on other key points such as the bookmaker’s infrastructure. Do they have a wide choice of deposit and withdrawal options and are the customer service options quick and helpful?

Guides to mobile apps, in-play betting, and betting sites with offers and promotions can also be found here. In short, if it’s time to run the rule over your bookmaker, is a great ally in the process.

When Getting it Woong Can Be the Best Approach

A teaser bet can be a complex option if you’re just starting out. However, with a little experience, it can be worth understanding the mechanics. Teasers can turn into value bets with the right approach and a little bit of luck.

Essentially, a teaser bet involves an exchange of points for volume. For example, the bettor will buy some points, but they must parlay two or more selections. Typically, you may see a customer get up to six points for an NBA game and four points in the NFL.

With lots of math involved, there is potential for a number of strategies and one of the most common of these is the Wong Teaser. It’s named for an author who produced a series of books on betting.

The Wong Teaser Strategy involves a 6-point teaser which includes favorites of -7.5 to -8.5 and underdogs of +1.5 and +2.5. It’s a wide spread and, when results are in the player’s favor, it can be a profitable one.

As with all strategies, the bookmakers are wise to the Wong Teaser and odds are not so favorable currently, but it remains a method that is worth considering.

Home Comforts

It’s not a particularly new strategy but it’s one that’s worth repeating. Home field advantage can play a part, but it will work better for some teams than others. In five seasons from 2014 to 2018, the New England Patriots won 42 of their home games and lost just six.

Now, we know that the Patriots were strong during that period with Tom Brady pulling the strings, but how many bettors would have been aware of just how dominant New England were at the Gillette Stadium?

That’s an extreme example of home-field advantage but there are other, less emphatic records. The stats are out there and it’s down to the bettor to check them out.

Team News

This is another obvious piece of research that can often get overlooked. Injuries are all part of an NFL game but, when they come along, they can seriously weaken a roster.

The sportsbooks don’t necessarily react quickly to team news. If the Buffalo Bills are ahead of the Miami Dolphins, the Bills will start as favorites. Injuries and absences could, however, give Miami a better chance.

Some of these NFL strategies are complex but others are fairly straightforward. As the new season approaches, don’t forget to do the basic housekeeping that could give you a better chance of turning a profit.

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