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Jocks A Memoir by Burt Golden

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Jocks by Burt Golden

Jocks is the true meaning of “Alls Well that Ends Well” – William Shakespeare

“Jocks” is an interesting story which chronicles he life of East Los Angeles resident, Burt Golden. At the time we know him in the book, all he wants to do is play baseball. It becomes his great fortune to receive a scholarship from Oregon University without ever meeting them or they meeting him.

The adventure begins. It is even better than PeeWee’s Big Adventure. Somewhat anxious to leave behind his neighborhood, he and a friend head north to Oregon expecting to come back someday having shown his old friends and neighbors that he has made something of himself.

Not long after he arrives, he is called into the baseball coach’s office and told they don’t have a scholarship for him. Burt isn’t interested in going home and admitting failure so the adventure begin.We will not discuss each one here as that is for you to buy the book.

With little or no money, he has to fend for himself in any way possible. The people he meets and becomes friend with are borderline psychotic in many ways and definitely leaning towards criminal activities to keep producing fun things to do. Things like finding ways to steal food for themselves and friends to have to keep from getting hungry. Activities like fake shooting to watch the reaction of people on the street to making a scene in the library to read about what they had to say in the campus  newspaper.

Don’t get it wrong. Burt worked hard to struggle through school to pass classes and get that degree. He now has a new purpose in mind and that is to become a coach. He watched basketball coaches closely and helps the college track coach and learns from him. Several close calls with the police scare the beejeepies out of him but it always worked out. Burt does make some of himself and goes on to become a great coach with a degree.

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This is a great story and a good read about perserverence and fortitude. In fact, this would make a good Hollywood movie someday. Every sports fan should have this book on its bookshelf.

Thanks to Burt Golden for allowing KnupSports to make a fair and honest book review.

Jocks a Memoir


Burt Golden

Little John Press

212 pages

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