It’s Time to Bet on the Run

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I was an offensive lineman from the time I entered ninth grade through my final snap of Division I football at Lafayette College.

I was an offensive lineman from the time I entered ninth grade through my final snap of Division I football at Lafayette College. Very few people want to play the offensive line, but I embraced it shortly after transitioning to the trenches.

The main reason I fell in love with the offensive line is because of ‘the look.’ If you played the position, you probably know what I mean by ‘the look.’

The look is when you beat a defense into submission, and there is nothing they can do to stop the onslaught. I have seen the look on countless defensive linemen over my years playing football, and it’s still arousing.

So, how do you beat a defense into submission…

You run the football.

I never thought my football-playing experience would develop into a foundational betting principle in my life. Although, this is the case. There is never a Saturday or Sunday where I do not consider the significance of running the football.

As December approaches, you should be leaning towards teams that run the football. Here are a few reasons why rushing attacks equate to cashing tickets.

Breaking a Defense

Teams that run the football have the ability to break a defense. Defense is the most critical aspect of winning football games because a team cannot win if they do not score.

When a run game is effective, it breaks a defense. This leads to the wheels coming off and points being put on the board. If a run game is clicking, it opens up so much more for an offensive coordinator down the field.

Knowing what offenses can break defenses is critical for betting because it leads to points that result in wins and covers.

Clock Management

Teams that run the football can also control the clock. One of the byproducts of clock control is a defense breaking from being tired, but it also leads to betting wins.

If an offense is constantly on the field, it limits the opposition’s time to score points. If a team does not score, they cannot win. Teams with great run games typically play great defense by default by keeping their opponent’s attack off the field.

Lunch Pail Mentality

When you bet a football game, you are drawn into the action. Sports betting puts you on a different level than a fan or spectator.

When you bet the correct team, it’s a feeling like no other because it’s tough to win football wagers. Teams that run the football are the best to bet because they have a lunch pail mentality.

These teams want to beat up their opponents and enforce their will for four quarters. This is a mentality that you want to rely on while betting.

When things get tough, running teams typically have the grit to pull themselves out of holes and create opportunities. Teams that cannot run the ball usually break.

As the weather gets colder, there is nothing more important than a run game. Teams that rely on pounding the football are proven to be more successful down the stretch of the season.

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