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Regardless of the lackluster performance over the past UFC 276 event, I was thinking about how good of a fighter Israel Adesanya truly is.

Regardless of the lackluster performance over the past UFC 276 event, I was thinking about how good of a fighter Israel Adesanya truly is. He keeps his opponents right where he wants them and then he put his powerful skills as a striker to use.

Adesanya is known for not letting his opponents work from their comfort zone he never lets them find a rhythm or at least not for long he makes the most of his being even though they can’t keep up interrupts their flow and puts them on their back foot and makes them unsteady your face stays away until he’s ready he never wants their strategy to get in the way of his and so far it never has some right now enjoy his confidence so might even calling cocky but nothing that Adesanya does is without reason everything is calculated everything is not true so far he hasn’t stumble and it’s paid off hands away is the persona in the cage, as well as an interview, is all part of the game all part of the art form.


Adesanya’s inspiration have nothing to do with fighting as a child he wasn’t interested in sports instead he loved our movies and anime as he grew older, he fell in love with the style and fashion and especially dance.

None of this went to waste as he’s been able to craft this into his whole persona. Adopted in the cage and it’s given different ways of approaching his fights more like choreography than combat.


The one thing that strikes you instantly about Izzy is his intelligence. You can just see he’s a genius. The way he dismantled 3 bigger and stronger guys than him in Whittaker, Romero but in all those fights particularly Whittaker I thought Whittaker has to be winning this he has to get in the pocket, don’t let him keep you at the range, don’t under any circumstances fight his game or you will lose, yet all these fighters know this and still can’t do it. Izzy just adapts to anything in front of him.

I’m a huge fan of his now after seeing how easily he beat Whittaker who is an absolute beast just by intelligence alone was seriously impressive. Then his striking is just second to none like a surgeon’s incision. His dancing background is so interesting as I never really considered how that could be beneficial to his movement and faints but now, I do.

Israel Adesanya is bound to come up whenever the topic of fighting IQs is thrown around, he’s managed to create a persona all his own a unique character in the cage utilizing the drive passion, and creativity of his youth.

Izzy is a skilled and unique mixed martial artist working today I believe his career will go down in history as one of the best fighters in his division. Style bender continues to give the fans what they ask for and I’m excited about his next fight.

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