SBC (Sports Betting Community) Company Spotlight

In the everchanging iGaming industry, it takes passion and determination to stay ahead of the curve, setting the standard to develop the industry is what SBC (or Sports Betting Community) does best. This is a company based in London that is responsible for organizing countless events around the world to help industry experts’ network and build together.

SBC has dedicated themselves to the betting and gaming industry, becoming the world’s largest news publisher, with over 75 news stories published every day. With so many other companies trying to mimic the same success SBC has produced, I’d like to take some time to explain and highlight what exactly separates them from the rest.

The Sports Betting Community Events

I must start this spotlight off by telling you what SBC is known for around the world, organizing extravagant events to bring industry executives and experts together. They organize some of the largest online casino industry events including the upcoming CasinoBeats Malta taking place in March of 2020.

Betting on Sports America

Not to mention, they are responsible for the world’s leading sports betting industry event Betting on Sports which was recently held at Olympia London. The Betting on Sports event will be coming to America this year when they hold the event at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey.

Allow me to explain what all this event brings; this year Betting on Sports America will feature 200 leading industry speakers across 50 sessions. The great part is you’ll be getting so much more if you decide to attend considering the 61,000 square foot venue that will house 50 exhibitors.

Say you aren’t interested in the speakers or the exhibitors and you just want to network. Betting on Sports America has you covered with offering networking events every evening at some of New York and New Jersey’s hottest and most exclusive venues.


All of this being brought to you by the Sports Betting Community (SBC) a company that in only ten years has become synonymous with sports betting.

You can listen to our interview with SBC founder Rasmus Sojmark following the 2019 BOSA event here.

CasinoBeats Malta

Say sports betting isn’t quite your speed and you’re looking for a more casino-based event. SBC will be bringing back CasinoBeats Malta in March of 2020, an event that over two days will bring you high quality content and plenty of networking opportunities.

This conference will host 1,500 senior-level attendees, ranging from operators and suppliers to visionaries invited to discuss the changes happening in the online casino industry. This event will also have its fair share of exhibitors as well, with 40 different companies there to show what they’ve been working on.

On top of all the exhibitions will be 100 speakers, ready to educate you on what exactly you can expect the future to hold for the online casino sector.

Now, if you’re one of the worlds leading suppliers, operators or regulators, you might be invited to the SBC Summit 2020. An event created for like-minded industry leaders to get together and discuss the latest developments in online gaming.

This is an opportunity like no other where you have the chance to meet with decision-makers on a global scale to stay up to date on industry wide news. This event will have its fair share of exhibitions as well, with over 200 attending the conference, 8 conference rooms and over 70 hours of content to experience.

Over 300 industry experts will be in attendance to share their knowledge in 90+ sessions, covering a wide array of topics. This year the event is being held in Barcelona, which is not only a great place to learn but also a great place to party. The SBC Summit will be having “Networking Drinks & Parties” a great chance for individuals to meet and build relationships.

Sports Betting Hall of Fame

SBC took the logical step forward with this next event, the SBC Sports Betting Hall of Fame. Created in 2016, the Sports Betting Company had the idea to honor those responsible for creating a lasting impression on the iGaming industry. With 5 more candidates being inducted in 2020, the SBC has honored those that have contributed to the progression of gaming.

I’d regret it if I failed to tell you about the sports betting party of the year, Vegas Baby 2020. This is an event that in 2019 had 600 industry executives ranging from suppliers, to regulators and media, all under one roof to network. If you needed any more reason to go, Vegas Baby 2019 offered free drinks, free entertainment and the opportunity to network with actual industry stakeholders.

The Sports Betting Company has organized these events to bring people around the world together for a common goal, most companies wouldn’t take that task solely on their own, but SBC was up for the challenge.

With events spanning across the globe it’s no wonder why they’re at the top, creating opportunities for professionals to network and grow together. With SBC coordinating all these events you can truly see their dedication to this industry and its future.

SBC News & Media

SBC has two major, industry leading news outlets, starting first with SBC News UK. Although you may be familiar with how the laws work in the US, it’s completely different across the water, that’s where SBC News UK comes in.

With breaking news articles on the updates to rules and regulations, SBC has taken its time creating the worlds leading sports betting and gaming news outlet. They publish ten stories daily, provide exclusive interviews with industry stakeholders and can do all of this with no paywall restrictions.

They also made sure that the people providing the news are credible, taking extra steps to make sure you get the best and most accurate news available.

The other industry leading news outlet is of course SBC Americas, this outlet covers the North American and LATAM Markets. They’ve become Google News certified, meaning that they are guaranteed top ranking for all content and press release. SBC Americas matches SBC News UK in every way, providing all the best content with no paywall restrictions.

CasinoBeats is a website created by SBC and dedicated to providing its readers with the latest developments in the casino gaming industry, both online and offline. With the industry growing rapidly, it can be hard at times to keep up, which is why CasinoBeats has a user-friendly platform that is fast, free and above all, reliable.

These news pieces and features are plain-spoken, as to not confuse the reader and are easy to read on desktop or mobile. Another perk of CasinoBeats is that it offers things like travel tips and has a strong social media presence with every story getting shared to Twitter.

Perhaps the best thing about these outlets is the ability to advertise with them. So often when you start trying to grow your business you are perplexed on who to advertise with. SBC News has you covered, with countless ways of advertising your business you are almost guaranteed to improve your brand awareness and generate new business leads. SBC Americas offers, banner advertising, video advertising, newsletter advertising, special targeted advertising and so much more.

Not only does SBC News provide industry leading information and breaking news, they’ve also revolutionized the way for you to grow your business by allowing you the opportunity to advertise on their already established platform.

SBC has made sure to keep up with the times by providing some of their news on social media, continuing to stay relevant while others have fallen aside. Yet again, the Sports Betting Community provides more than one avenue to experience growth and success.

SBC Connect

Keeping the industry together and connected has been one of the Sports Betting Community’s biggest accomplishments. By introducing SBC Connect, they’ve insured that anyone who is registered has access to stay informed of all that SBC has to offer.

Say for instance that you’ll be attending one of the aforementioned events above, the SBC Connect App has the capability to create your own schedule so you can plot out how much time you’d like to spend at each exhibitor or session.

It also gives you another way to build your network of professionals by connecting with other delegates in your industry. You’ll also receive full access to the SBC Event’s attendees list, giving you the opportunity to message them, coordinate and plan meetings in any of the networking or exhibition areas.

In the event that you become confused while attending one of the SBC’s countless events, the app allows you to access the event list to see what exactly is going on at the time. If there is a speaker that you don’t want to miss, you can look up the time they’ll be starting and the location so you can get there with plenty of time. The app also allows for live alerts and event announcements, so you don’t miss a thing.

A company dedicated to progression

The Sports Betting Community is more than just lavish events and top-tier media, it’s a group dedicated to the progression of an industry. Being sure not to exclude anyone, SBC has gone lengths to make everyone feel welcome and can advance themselves using their platform.

By not limiting themselves to just sports, they’ve included the casino gaming industry to connect both offline and online professionals, giving them a safe and reliable website to get their news.

By allowing advertising on their news outlets and keeping people up to date on breaking news, they’ve built bridges to ensure the advancement of this industry.

All in all, the Sports Betting Community is doing all it can to make sure the iGaming industry moves forward and continues to be an industry we all enjoy.

Knup Sports is an Official Media Partner of SBC

We are proud to be an official media partner of SBC.

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