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“I Was There” by Eric Mirlis

Book review at Knup Sports

Tom looks at another sports book. The book is about some of the great sportscasters and how they have seen some fantastic sporting events. We hear from Jim Nantz, Bob Costas and Joe Buck among others.

If you are a sports fan you will want to read the book “I Was There“. We all remember our favorite moment as a sports fan. As avid fans of a certain sport, we always have questions regarding the events that happen.

Now, you can find out what the professionals have to say. We hear from 65 of the top media members, including Marv Albert, Bob Costas, Joe Buck, Dick Stockton, Trey Wingo and many more. Eric Mirlis, the author takes you into the life of the broadcaster in a unique way, as if you were at the event.

For me personally, I enjoy hearing the stories about a great sporting event. This does the job. You will love this book, and it’s a must for sports fans of all ages. Like the history of sports? Here is your chance to read more about it!  Highly recommend reading: “I Was There”!

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