How To Live Bet Cricket Matches

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Trying out live betting for Cricket can be a fun and entertaining way to enjoy the experience of a match. With fast odd changes in a split second, learn about some of the best ways to live bet on Cricket.

Live betting on Cricket games can be a fun way to enjoy the games. Cricket is a sport that can change at any moment. With the fall of a wicket, or a big over, the odds during the matches can drastically change in a second.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to get the most out of live betting in Cricket.

Play The Over For Runs On Star Batsman

For every team on the batting side, their star batsman will usually be 3rd or 4th in the batting order. Once the first wicket happens for the offensive side, the star batsman will come in and have a better idea of the bowling and fielding. It’s always a good idea to take the over of a big hitter at 40+ runs, as they can usually tally 50+ runs in an ODI match.

Be careful in T20, as it can be hit or miss. This is because T20 matches are more aggressive, and batsmen are willing to take more risks to get bigger hits.

Betting On 4’s and 6’s Hits

Watching an attacking offense can be a joy to watch in Cricket. Depending on the batsman and game scenario, it can be worth the odds to take the over on a certain number of 4s and 6’s scored by a batsman. If a batsman is on a hot streak during the match, it’s always of value to take the odds to take the over on their form to continue for the game.

Usually, it’s best to take this bet when a batter has over 40+ runs or is on his way to hitting a century (100 runs).

Take The Over For Total Runs In The Last 5 Overs

The last five overs of any match, particularly T20, are considered the super overs. This can be thrilling to watch as many teams are chasing scores or willing to take bigger risks to hit more. This is where you will see bowlers from the opposing side get more fatigued. It is usually a good bet depending on how many Wickets the offense has to take over.

It is such a thrilling time in the match where anything can happen, but in most cases, this is where you see a good amount of attacking offense take place.

Predicting A Wicket

While this can be tricky, depending on the Bowler and who is batting, taking the fall of a wicket within an over can be a very profitable bet. As unpredictable as it can happen, the fall of a wicket can take place at any given moment, and that is what is so amazing about the sport.

T20 matches tend to see a great deal of these wickets at any given moment, so be on the lookout while live betting to see the current form of both sides and the bowler in an over.


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