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“Growing Up Gronk: A Family’s Story of Raising Champions” by the Gronkowski Family with Jeff Schober

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Tom looks atthis book about the Gronkowski family and their sports success. It is a book that highlights the dad.

This book, Growing Up Gronk, is mainly written to give the dad a chance to brag about his five sons. That seems reasonable since it is estimated that to have three sons in the NFL and all at once is about 32 million-to-1 odds.

The father, Gordy Gronkowski, tells his story about how he wasn’t recruited to play football so he went from Buffalo, NY on a bus selling himself to colleges on the West Coast until he finally got an offer but it wasn’t until a chance encounter with a guy from Syracuse that he finally signed to play collegiate football.

He got injured in college and played sparingly but he became hooked on workouts and that was the driving force for his entrance into the fitness business with his brother as the started G&G Fitness.

Basically, the took his addiction for working and transferred it to each of his son. They all, in their own right, became big and strong and mostly great athletes through hard work. He touches on how each brother fed off the other to attempt to be the best.

Each of the five sons are highlighted as three were/are NFL players, one was in the major leagues and another is a college star in football. Of course, Rob Gronkowski gets the most print but he became the highest profiled player of any of the brothers.

You may like this story as it has a nice family atmosphere but if you are wanting to read about Rob Gronkowski you won’t get much. Again, this book strokes the Gronkowski father’s ego.

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