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“Game Worn: Baseball Treasures from the Game’s Greatest Heroes and Moments” By Stephen Wong and Dave Grob

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Tom looks at the history of the uniforms worn in the game of baseball throughout history.

What a fantastic book with an incredible amount of research. Game Worn is all about collectors and baseball historians. They cover items from different eras in history and clothing.

Featured throughout the book is pictures of hats, jerseys, belts and gloves from the early dead-ball era up until modern time baseball. The text is superb with many fascinating tidbits about history and style,

Included in the coffee table sized book you will find articles about advertising from players. Dangling cigarettes from Stan Musial and Joe DiMaggio give you a sense of how things have changed in baseball.

Babe Ruth’s road uniform is in great shape from the Yankees in 1920. Also, you can view some items from the Black Sox era along with a Jackie Robinson uniform. The author even gets into how the uniforms were stitched and a bit about the zig-zag stitching that can be found.

There are 71 entries in this book with great photography bringing out the best in each item. The book also features a first-of-its-kind illustrated compendium with elaborate definitions of relevant terms that every baseball fan and collector needs to know. This book is a must have read for any fan of baseball!

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