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Game Score is a pitcher stat that measures a starting pitcher’s performance in a specific game.

After searching for a box score of a game, many times you can find how many pitches a hurler tossed in the game and then you will find the Game Score. This measures the effectiveness of the pitcher.

Game Score Calculation

Start with 50 points-Add 1 point for each out recorded (or 3 points per inning)- Add 2 points for each inning completed after the fourth- Add 1 additional point for every strikeout
Remove 2 points for each hit allowed- Remove 4 points for each earned run allowed
Remove 2 points for each unearned run allowed- Remove 1 point for each walk allowed

(This formula was created by Bill James). there is a slightly different formula created by Tom Tango.

To get a perfect game score, a pitcher would get 114 points and that is a perfect game with all out as strikeouts.

To date, there have been four 20 strikeout games and here are the Game Score(s) for each one:

  • Kerry Wood Game Score was 105 on May 8, 1998
  • Roger Clemens Game Score of 97 on Sept. 18, 1996
  • Roger Clemens 97 April 29, 1986
  • Max Scherzer    87 on May 11, 2016

Not all games are created equal. Wood threw a one-hitter but a shutout and the others gave up runs in their game.

Here is the Game Score chart used at FanGraphs:

You Should Watch    90-100

Excellent                      80-90

Great                           70-80

Good                           60-70

Above Average         50-60

Below Average           40-50

Poor                             30-40

Bad                                20-30

Awful                            10-20

Unspeakable                 0-10

It i not uncommon for a starting pitcher to get a zero. Someone getting bombed early and possibly allowing double digit runs as was the case twice for Jason Marquis and and 2006 St Louis Cardinals. Nolan Ryan has the highest cumulative Game Score in history with 46.252 and Bob Gibson (61.0)along with Pedro Martinez (61.2) sport the highest career game score.

Game core does a better job in picture a pitching performance than Quality start which we will discuss  on a different article in our library of Sabermetrics and Analytics.

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