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“Furious George: My Forty Years Surviving NBA Divas, Clueless GM’s and Poor Shot Selection” by George Karl

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Read our Sports Book Review of “Furious George” By George Karl. We talk about the book and give you links to buy the Furious George book.

George Karl has been in the business of NBA coaching for over 30 years and has won over 1,100 games. But he doesn’t focus much on all that in this tell-all book, The Furious George. He talks openly about things that have bothered him over the years and now he wants to get the last word and settle the score.

He does talk a bit about what it is like to coach a game in the NBA then he digresses to the things that bother him during games. He can’t stand referees that call the game by the score. He wants the subs in the game to get the same game as the starters. In this book, he tells how he blew up about it one game and got tossed after kicking a ball into the stands.

Karl mentions the ownership in Denver, Nick Kroenke, when he coached there as unable to make a sandwich let alone run a team. Then he rails on his superstar, at the time in Denver, Carmelo Anthony. He says he is a “user of people”. He relates how difficult it is to coach a player that makes more money, has an entourage with him at all times and doesn’t want to learn to play the game.

In Sacramento, he had DeMarcus Cousins and mentions that he “was the most disrespectful person I’ve ever been around.” Then he backs off a bit and mentions his bout with cancer calmed him for awhile then he went back to his old ways.

George Karl would like to coach again but that seems difficult after the things he said about players, owners and even the commissioner of the NBA. He mentions David Stern and hints about rampant corruption that takes place in the league. He leaves nothing sacred and doesn’t back down from anything.

The Furious George is a good book to read as Karl blasts every part of the National Basketball Association.






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