DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports)

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Playing daily fantasy sports takes a little bit of luck and a whole lot of skill. We are working to put together the ultimate daily fantasy sports strategy guide for several different sports. Think of this as your Bible to winning your DFS games. This will include tips, strategies and more for all of the major sports. Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and even March Madness.

Why Daily Fantasy Sports?

 The question of whether full season fantasy sports or daily fantasy sports are the better option is one that has been thrown around ever since daily fantasy sports even came into play! But which is the better option? Honestly, the answer is a fairly obvious one, and it has to be daily fantasy. There are multiple reasons for this, but below we’ll go ahead and cover a few of the reasons why you should go ahead and make the change, and get prepared to do a little bit of research and prepare your lineup each and every night. Let’s get right into it.

One Injury/Bad Pick Doesn’t End Season

 This is probably one of the worst feelings in all of fantasy sports. You draft your lineup, have a few studs, a few great sleepers, and you’re feeling great all-around. Then bam, out of nowhere your stud gets injured, or he’s having the worst year of his career, and you’re left scrambling. It’s an awful feeling that you’ll have to deal with for a full fantasy season. It doesn’t matter if it’s fantasy NBA, NFL, College Basketball, College Football, MLB, Hockey, Soccer, or anything else. It all hurts the same. You basically just lost the season due to this, and also lost whatever money there was that you put in to play in the league as well. You can try to make some trades, but filling the void for your stud isn’t going to happen without a miracle basically.
Now, this doesn’t happen in daily sports. Sure, a player can go out and ruin your night, but it won’t ruin your season. Most games allow multiple lineups too, so chances are that you may not even have that player in all of your lineups, or even more than just one or two of your lineups. You can throw that lineup in the trash, but you’re still fighting hard with all of your other lineups.

More Money to Be Won

Sure, at the end of the year it’s a great feeling to win the money from the league, but you really had to work for it, and you worked all season. Now you’ve won a little money, but if you’re playing daily fantasy sports then you could possibly have a shot at winning that much money, and even far, far more than that night in and night out. There’s no better feeling than having a very big night and winning a good chunk of money in daily fantasy sports, because you’ve just won more in one night than you’ve won in your entire fantasy season.

 To go along with that, many sites offer a ton of promos (more below) that will give you the chance to win even more money, and hitting just one top five finish in a big time game could end up not only changing your night, but possibly changing your life all-together.

Multiple Sites and Multiple Games to Choose From

Playing in a fantasy site for a year long league on the site that you are used to playing on is fun, but having the opportunity to go through all of the different daily fantasy sites and see the wide range of games that are being offered on there is probably far more fun. You can go through the sites and find your favorite games, with the buy-in’s that you are looking to play at, and you can also choose from different types of games like head to head match-up’s, 50/50 games, and even target games where you need to try to get a specific number of points. All sites offer different things, so be sure to look around and find the games that you enjoy playing so that you can take advantage of a few opportunities to make some money!


Freerolls are all over the daily fantasy sites, and you can even play in multiple freerolls across the different sites as well. This means that you can have a shot at winning some nice money to get your bankroll going without even having to put anything in. Once again, this all happens in just one night, so there can be freerolls that are running each and every night of the week on a few different daily fantasy sites. Finding the best freerolls is up to you, but hey, free money is never anything to complain about right?

Promotions With Huge Paydays

Ah the promotions and the big paydays that come along with them. Some promotions are going to guarantee $50,000, some guarantee $100,000, and some can go up to $1 million in guarantees or even more. Regardless, this type of money is going to be what you are shooting for, and often times the guaranteed promotional games are going to have reasonable buy-in’s that are going to allow you to buy-in multiple times if you choose to as well. The promotions really do vary quite a bit by specific daily fantasy site, so make sure to check out the different sites and see what they have running each month, or possibly each week, as they will change fairly often and give you plenty of chances to win!
There are a ton of reasons to make sure that you’re playing daily fantasy sports, but if you’re looking for the debate, you probably won’t be able to find much of one! Check out the many daily fantasy sites that are offered and give yourself a chance to make money night in and night out.

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