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PGA 2K21 Recap and Expectations for 2K22

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PGA 2K21 Recap and Expectations for 2K22 – PGA 2K21 had some hype built around it as it was the first golf game released in years.

We have not gotten an official announcement, but we are expecting the next PGA 2K to be released sometime in August. PGA 2K21 had some hype built around it as it was the first golf game released in years.

2K21 Improvements From EA

EA just released plans to continue on their PGA Tour golf game. The last game that was released allowed gamers to play with their favorite golfers, and create their own players and play through a career mode.

In 2K players can join online societies which is basically a separate tour where players can compete against other users online with live leaderboards and live scoring.

There is also a career mode where players can play a number of real life tournaments at real courses.

There is a much wider array of course options than in the EA Sports game.

There is also an option to create a course and play other player’s personally created courses which makes for some interesting course layouts throughout the game.

Gameplay from 2K21

The gameplay in 2K21 was very realistic compared to that of the EA games. There are plenty of different swing settings, but as far as timing and accuracy on the default settings the 2K gameplay is extremely difficult.

The slopes and lies have a pretty significant effect on the flight of the ball in game which challenges players to focus before hitting shots.

Improvements We Need

The first game showed promise for sure, but there are definitely some improvements that can be made. I think the most obvious improvement we need to see is the ability to actually play as tour pros.

One part of all sports video games players enjoy is the ability to play with different overall players with different skill sets. Playing with your favorite player is something that attracts all video game players.

I would like to see an improvement to the swing meter as well. The swing meter is somewhat confusing to understand. I think there should be better feedback as far as how to improve each swing.

Another feature I do not like is the ability to spin and flight the golf ball. Professional players are able to spin the ball without having to change the flight or distance of their shot. The amount of spin is also not displayed on the screen so it is hard to tell how the ball will react once it hits the green.

It is going to be interesting to see the changes that are made to the game. Many times people will not buy games like Madden or NBA 2K because the gameplay is no different from the year before. I would love to see what the developers can do after a year of feedback from players.

Tiger Woods Signs Deal with 2K

This is by far the biggest news for 2K. Tiger Woods signing this deal propels 2K ahead of EA tremendously. Tiger Woods is the biggest name in golf and by far the biggest fan favorite.

Just for Tiger’s return to the video game there will be plenty of buzz when the release is announced. This is where I think playing with the actual tour pros is going to be huge for the game.

In the first game we could only see player names. If gamers are able to play with their favorite guys, especially Tiger Woods this will be huge for the game.

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