Dream Match: Mike Tyson Vs Muhammad Ali

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The most controversial question asked in the history of boxing, is who would win Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson?

The most controversial question asked in the history of boxing, is who would win Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson? To start things off both Ali and Tyson are two of the best fighters in boxing history. The first thing we can look at to determine who is the better fighter is their records. Ali’s boxing record was 56 wins and 5 losses. 37 of his 56 wins came from the knockout. Tyson’s boxing record was 50 wins and 6 losses. 44 of his 50 wins came from a knockout. The major distinction between the two boxers is their different heights. In comparison to Tyson, who measured 5 feet 10 inches and lost five inches to Muhammad Ali, Ali was listed as being 6 feet 3 inches tall. Comparable to their statures, Ali also has an advantage in reach,

Ali unmatched skill

Tyson’s reach is measured at 71 inches, compared to Muhammad Ali’s spread of 78 inches. However, the height difference wouldn’t affect Tyson. His whole career he has always been the shorter guy in the fight. He also has fought other boxers as tall as Muhammad Ali such as heavyweight Tyrell Biggs who was 6’5. Tyson would therefore be accustomed to needing to work to get past the jab and receive a blow to give one to get in close distance. Boxing like most sports is as much as physical as it is mental. Muhammad Ali knew how to get into the fighter’s head and changed the outcome of every fight. Before the fight even begins Ali would easily tap into Tyson’s head. Even though Mike is very intimidating, Ali has fought arguably the most intimidating person in boxing, Sonny Liston.

Mike Tyson is feared by many people because of the speed and strength he beholds within his punches. When it comes to mobility, Ali has the edge of quickness because the more seasoned fighter is renowned for his grace in his movements around the ring. However, Tyson’s hand speed is by far superior since he can throw lethal variations in the flash of an eye. Tyson would continuously try to go inside and put pressure on Ali, which could result in mistakes in Ali’s quick footwork that would allow Tyson to get inside and utilize his lightning-quick hands. Everything in fantasy combat is subjective, which is why there is so much discussion about them. In my opinion,

Ali Over Mike

I have Ali winning against Tyson. Muhammad Ali will soon get into the action in the opening rounds, finding his groove and fighting on the defensive, he will knock the lights out of Tyson when he advances with that stealthy approach. It’s no surprise that Tyson is a relentless fighter and his fighting methods are unorthodox. When the fight isn’t going his way he will quickly lack motivation and lose his temper. Although one strike does has the ability to change the whole fight, Ali will be given the upper hand due to his superior boxing techniques which result in him being the victor of the fight.

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