Craziest MLB Weather Games

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Read this article to see the MLB’s craziest weather games.

The MLB usually runs from late March until late October and usually the only severe weather that occurs during that period of time is the heat during the summer months. There have been a few times where snow has landed on the baseball field.

There have also been a few times where extreme cold or extreme heat has made an appearance in a baseball game. In this article we will look at a few crazy weather games that occured in the MLB.

1997 World Series

The 1997 World Series saw the American League champion Cleveland Indians face the National league champion Florida Marlins. The Marlins led the series two games to one going into game four. It was October in Cleveland and as you would expect, the weather was cold.

At the time of the first pitch the temperature was 38 degrees but the wind chills took it down to 18 degrees. Ice began to form on the field and snowflakes were flying. The Indians ended up winning the game 10-3 but the Marlins would ultimately go on to win the 1997 World Series in seven games.

2009 NLDS

The 2009 NLDS saw the Colorado Rockies face the Philadelphia Phillies. In game three of the 2009 NLDS in Denver temperatures dropped to below 30 degrees and wind chills dropped to below 20 degrees.

The game went on to last for four long hours due to the delays. The Phillies would win the game 6-5 and later go on to win the series and make it to the 2009 World Series where they would lose to the New York Yankees.

2001 World Series

The 2001 World Series saw the New York Yankees take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. In game seven, everything was on the line. It was Randy Johnson’s Diamondbacks vs Derek Jeter’s Yankees. Game seven was held in the Arizona desert, and in the desert, a dust storm kicked up during the game.

In the seventh inning dust began to fly around the field as the World Series was being played. Following the dust storm, rain began to fall, which is another rare occurrence in the state of Arizona.

The Yankees were able to take the ;ead in the eighth inning but the D-Backs came back to win the series and claim their first title in franchise history

1911 World Series

The 1911 World Series saw the Philadelphia Athletics take on the New York Giants. The crazy weather event in this World Series was the six days of rain in the city of Philadelphia which caused the longest gap between World Series games in MLB history.

78 years later when the two teams met again in the world series this time as the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants there was a major earthquake in the state of California. This caused a 10 day gap in between games which set the new record for longest gap in between world series games.

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