How New Gen Sports is Changing Teamwear Solutions For Youth and Club Soccer In America

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Soccer within America is growing rapidly! Find out about how team wear solutions brand New Gen Sports is changing the kit and apparel industry for youth and club soccer.

Youth Soccer is taking off in America. The growth of kids joining teams is rapidly rising by the year. According to a study, participation in Youth Soccer has grown 32% from 2002 to 2019. This figure also shows that participation of Soccer in those years has risen higher than the growth of Baseball, Basketball, or Football.

I had the opportunity to work with New Gen Sports, they are working to change the team wear solutions for Club and Youth Soccer teams across the country. The team at New Gen Sports are insiders into the growth and advancements of Youth Soccer.

After finding a lack in team wear solutions, New Gen was formed to fill the gap in the market for custom team wear which now supplies thousands of players. My time with their team allowed me to understand how truly big the market for Soccer has become in America.

The newly formed group has established their presence in the teamwear solutions by modernizing the fashion and style within the sport. They create detailed kits for clubs that truly stand out whenever the team steps on to the pitch for games.

New Gen provides a well catered customer service to clients in order to design creative team uniforms and apparel. Their designs have an appealing print which are tied into the prospective clubs culture and identity. They currently have 20+ active teams across the nation who wear their designs and that number is only growing!

The team at New Gen works extremely hard to give back to the Club teams and support them in great ways. Their strategy is helping bring more funding to local teams to help facilitate their advancements and development.

Being heavily a part of coaching youth soccer, their founders Johan Mauritzson and Lukas Ostermann have been coaching kids for years and have extensive experience to understand the needs of how to continue to grow the sport.

We’re currently on the road to World Cup 2026 which will be held in America, Mexico, and Canada. By this point, experts believe that Soccer will become as popular as the NFL from a viewership point within the country. More so the evidence points to the growth in active Soccer participants at a Club level or recreationally.

New Gen is bringing to life the advancements of Soccer in America and will continue to help build the communities of the teams they work with. Their hard work is giving more to local clubs than just teamwear solutions, but also an identity.

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