The Boston Sports Culture – What Makes Them Unique

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Boston sports culture is some of the best in the nation, and their dignity always shows. Tommy Burch explains why, and shows his appreciation for Beantown.

One of the most celebrated pieces of United States history is professional sports. Although sports may not be able to physically save the world, the impact it has on society is quite similar.

Almost every major city in the country has some sort of sports team. From Seattle all the way to Miami, everyone is capable of rooting for a team in their general vicinity.

For many, professional and college sports holds a sense of nationality. Without sports, the only thing separating states from each other would be the borders and their laws. Professional sports give a sense of pride in one’s state and bring people closer together.

This is possibly the most prominent in Boston. With one of the richest sports histories in the country, they have become a mecca of athletic success in all mediums the same way Vegas has become the mecca if you wish to play blackjack. With such indisputable success, their culture has developed to be one of the best in sports and making them incredibly unique.

The Ups and Downs of Boston Sports

Boston sports have a resume of success that is undeniable. They have accumulated 38 championships over the 4 major sports teams in the city. The Bruins have won 6 Stanley Cups, the Celtics have 17 rings, the Patriots have 6, and the Red Sox have 9 World Series under their belts.

However, other than the fairly consistent Celtics, these teams have had their fair share of losses as well. The Red Sox have a career winning percentage of just over 50%, with almost as many losing seasons as winning ones. The Patriots we the laughing stock of the NFL before the Drew Bledsoe era.

Boston sports fans, through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, are loyal to their teams. In almost every article relating to the best sports fans, Boston was top 2, battling it out with Chicago.

Supporting Former Players

Lids did a chart to find out which NFL jersey was most bought from their stores around the country. Every state was listed, and the results were incredibly shocking.

Out of the entirety of New England, three states top selling jersey was a Buccaneers Tom Brady jersey. Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont bought more Brady jerseys than any other player in the league.

What makes this astounding is the circumstance. Tom Brady left his former team to sign a big contract across the country for some more cash and a new life. When this happens with other players like James Harden leaves his team or Tyreek Hill goes to Miami, their fanbases turn against them. Not in Boston.

One of my favorite memories growing up was watching the Celtics with my dad. He played basketball at MIT, so I grew up on the game. I got to watch the Big 3, the Isaiah Thomas era, and even the years of mediocrity.

When those players left, they were sent off with flowers, especially with Isaiah Thomas. Thomas was 5th in MVP voting and was traded away from the team. Every single Celtics fan I can think of either wants him to sign back to Boston or wants him to get a shot in the league.

Boston sports has put together one of the best and most passionate fanbases in all of sports. They care for their players and stick through the less successful years, making their games some of the most electrifying experiences you will ever witness. Boston sports culture is some of the best in the nation, and their dignity always shows.

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