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The Sixth Man

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The Sixth Man

by Andre Iguodala, Carvell Wallace

Growing up in Springfield, Illinois wasn’t always easy for Andre Iguodala but it didn’t create character. The type that has led to respect from his peers and others on and off the basketball court. He has parlayed his basketball life into success in several fields. He has successful tech investments which has allowed him to be a philanthropist and to be a positive model for race relations in the United States.

However, in this book, Andre goes inside and beyond that thanks to co-write Carvel Wallace. He opens up about growing as a student athlete in Central Illinois and how it made an impact all the way to the Bay area and the Golden State Warriors. Iguodala is the epitome of the perfect sixth man in his sport that shows others how to be ready and make the most of any situation handed to him in basketball and life.

He touches on racial divide and tension in the NBA that is made up of mostly African Americans in a white man’s world He delves into the championship teams he played on and the personalities such as Seth Curry, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr that he dealt with on a daily basis. He reveals some awesome insight into what motivates players before and after success.

Every  bookshelf needs this book to get a handle on success and failure. Of course, NBA fans will like it a bit more but any sports fan would love it. We highly recommend this book for every budding athlete due to how “down to earth” this athlete is.


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