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The Point After by Sean Conley

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Sean Conley is a yoga teacher in Pittsburgh with almost 20 years of experience. He played three years in the NFL before hanging up his cleats. He is the author of the book: The Point After.

The Point After Review

If there is a book that parents are looking for to motivate their child to reach their goals and what it takes for some to achieve them, this is the perfect read for the child. It has so many qualities to deal with such as mind over matter, determination, the ability to make learn how to set self aside and focus on goals at hand. This is a book of good attributes and child should aspire to have.

The Point After Author Sean Conley has done a marvelous job in this book of teaching. It may have been an unexpected consequence but it is a masterful side effect. He takes you on a journey from an ADHD diagnosis as a child where he fought the label to the football field where he spent hours upon hours training for his goal of playing in the NFL some day. There was one large issue, his school didn’t play football. That is no hill for this climber, he sets out to train himself into pain to become a kicker at a Division 1 college football program.

Set backs were continuous on this trip to the NFL. Coaches misled him early on, others looked upon him as crazy to think he can make that dream happen. He had what every child needed, a support system from his parents. His relationship with his parents was solid. Then he found what every successful guy needs, a girl to honor his goals and she became his biggest and most ardent supporter.

Every step of the way seemed to have a land mine waiting for him ready to blow up. He tiptoed through disappointment. injuries and rejection time upon time. After finally making it to a D1 school football program. he believes he is on the doorstep of his goal to the NFL. Not so fast.

Conley now must train even harder. With the Jim Valvano attitude to never “give up”, he take on the challenge to contact each and every NFL special teams coach to get an audience for his kicking abilities.Eventually he gets some chances. Most are good but due to over-training, his leg and back are barking at him and he has moments where his kicks fall short.

Again, his biggest supporter is his girlfriend who is now his wife and mother of his child. He continues to seek work and he continues to get a job kicking.   He goes on and on searching for more jobs until it is time to move on. He has several children, a wife and a good life.Then he gets kicked below the belt again as his father, who is his best friend, gets cancer and become sick. Sean, meanwhile, has gotten a good paying job in the pharma industry but still in pain form football.

His wife, Karen, shares her new dream of opening her own yoga studio and he does the turn about and share her dream to the fullest.   Sean realizes after completing yoga for himself that it has helped his old injuries and after more children and soul searching about walking away from a terrific job, he take another leap of faith and begins his own yoga studio.

This book is worthy of consideration what its tremendous value in the area of positive thinking and determination . It shows how a great family support system should work. Another side effect of this book is it shows the type of first class parentshe had, to teach a kid to use his thought process to successfully manage his setbacks and to enjoy his successes .

It should be on the bookshelf of every spots enthusiast and parent.

I would like to thank the National Book Network for sending this copy to me for my honest and truthful book review.

About the Author

Sean Conley is a yoga teacher in Pittsburgh with almost 20 years of experience. He played three years in the NFL before hanging up his cleats. He is the author of the book: The Point After.


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