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The Great Football Conspiracy – Review

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One thing is for sure. Author Jonathan Last knows how to put a sentence together that is clear and concise.

This book is billed as a comedy thriller novel. I missed the comedy part and that may be from my lack of English soccer knowledge. I am convinced several things went right over the top of my head.

One thing is for sure. Author Jonathan Last knows how to put a sentence together that is clear and concise. The thriller part of this story is quite good as he has interwoven intrigue to allow the reader to ponder that impending results. This book appears to be inspired by the Da Vinci Code.

The Great Football Conspiracy  begins its story in a Freemasons’ Tavern in 1863. This alone alerts the readers familiar with the Freemasons, as my grandfather was, that there are things going on other people are never to know about.

Suddenly it is present day with Frank Tuttle, a former coach and he has gotten wind of a legend that involves Halves and an unknown and unnamed group that is the Custodians  that has the task of guarding them.

A quest begins  or the Campaign is underway to find the Custodians  and foil an attempt to destroy the game of football as we know it. I will not give away anymore of this intriguing story.

This was an interesting read. It is necessary to have this book on your sports bookshelf. Be sure to pick up this well written, well thought out book for your own. Do you believe professional sports  outcomes have already been decided before they begin? Then for sure, Jonathan Last has a story for you!


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